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Strawberries Of Love

Alone Am I

Yet Not Hidden

Behind Dreams

Yet You Appear

Before My Eyes

An Angel

Of The Most Perfect

Exquisite Form

The Gods Ever Created

An Angel Of Tender Love

Hair Dark

With Eyes Beguiling

A Smile

That Captivates My Soul

You Evoke Feelings

Of The Purest Love

Before My Eyes

You Were Real

I Saw You

And Kissed

Your Sweet Tender Lips

With Ardent Passion

The Memories Of Our Love

Become Clear

As I Recall You

In The Images


On My Mind

I Watched You

In The Garden Of Eden

As You Walked

Among The Fields

Where The Wild Strawberries


I Watched You Pick

The Sweetest Of All

The Fruits

In The Garden Of Eden

Where The Wild Strawberries


Now Upon Our Bed

Of Love

Your Lips As Ripe

As The Sweetest Fruits

The Gods

Have Ever Grown

I Give To You

Your Strawberry

From The Field

Where The Wild Strawberries


The Ripest Fruit

So Red And Moist

With Early Morns Dew


With Your Love

And Between Our Lips

We Take The Strawberry

Of Love

From The Garden

Where The Wild Strawberries


And With Our Kiss

We Taste

The New Morns Dew

Of Your Eternal Love

I Love You

My Heart Does Cry

You Tease And Torment

With Those Bewitching

Beguiling Eyes

And In My Final Torment

That You Bestowed

Upon My Heart

You Took The Largest

And Ripest

Of The Strawberries

From The Fields

Where the Wild Strawberries


You Dipped It In The Nectar’s

Of The Deepest

Of  Love

We Ate

The Forbidden Fruits

Of The Darkest Corners

Of The Fields

Where The Wild Strawberries


You Gave Me

The Ultimate Fruit

In Your Kiss

Of Love


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