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A Paris Love Affair

Do You Recall The Night My Love

When Once We Strolled

The Streets Of Old Paris

Beneath The Gas Lamps

Shrouded In Soft Falling Rain

Hand In Hand

On The Cobblestones

On That Night Of Love

We Strolled

Feeling The Cold Mists Rising

From The River Seine

We Were So In Love

My Sweet Heart

Your Eyes Sparkled

In Those Early Days

Of Our Happiness

I Gazed Into Your Eyes

With Adoration

And Caressed

Your Long Radiant Hair

Protected That Evening

By The Parasol

The Gas Lamps

Had Just Been Lit

And You Shyly

Clasped My Hand

In Your Soft Tender Grip

Be-toking Tenderness In Love

We Strolled Till Late

My Sweet Heart

Till The Gas Lamps

Grew Dim

And Beneath Their Fading Light

We Kissed

We Professed Our Love For Eternity

And Arm In Arm

In An Ancient Life

Our Souls Faded

Into The Mists

Of The River Seine As

We Strolled That Old Paris Street


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