Nothing But Memories

Nothing But Memories

Nothing But Dreams

To Recall

Through A Heart

Awash With Tears

Alone I Stand

My Heart

Has No Romance

It Has No Shine

For Now Alone

Am I

You No Longer

Have My Heart

You No Longer

Have My Love

Once Was a Mortal

A Warrior Of Old

With A Heart Of Love

Held For You

Now the Heart Is Old

The Love Within

Grown Cold

With Every Breath

There Was A Song

Within My Heart

And Words Of Love

Upon My Lips

My Kiss I Keep

For Memories Alone

Once Was Mine

And Yet Again

Our Night

Has Just Begun

Our Love Is New

And Oh So True

My Fickle Heart

Of Love

Heed Not the Words

Hear Not the Words

I Love You

Words My Soul Does Crave

Your Smile Is Heaven

To Me

Your Voice As Angels Sing

The Sparkle

In Your Eyes

Speaks Of Love

Born Unto Different Times

Yet Once Within My Heart

I Was Yours

And You Were Mine

I Give My Heart Again

In Memories And Dreams

My Love Is Yours

Alas Nothing But Memories

Through An Old Mans Eyes

Nothing But Dreams

To Recall

Ramblings Of An Old Mans Mind


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Princess Of The Waves

Born Within The Heart

Of The Depths Of Oceans

Of Many Lands

Delivered Up To The Earth

By Waves

Of Stormy Seas

Her Music

The Sound Of Angry Waves


Upon Earths Shores

I Watched

That Dismal Night

Again I Stand

On Earths Shores

Waiting For The Princess

Of The Waves

My Mermaid

From The Deep

Oh How I Yearn

With My Lovesick Heart

The Taste

Of Your Salted Kiss

Upon My Lips

Burning With Passions

And Hot Desires

My Soul Forever Tormented

And Inflamed

In Love

My Needs Unfulfilled

The Need To Feel

Your Heart

Held Unto My Breast

And Filled

With The Deepest Love

To Once Again

Lock Our Hearts

Within The Warm Embrace

Of Each Other’s Arms

And Know

Within Our Hearts

Of Love

We Are Two

Yet We Are One

For Eternity I Stand

The Lonely Vigil

On The Sands

While All The Stars

Begin To Fall

The Moon

To Close Her Eyes

And Fade

There Is No Sun

It Began To Die

There Is No Paradise

Of Love

For Eternity I Stand

The Lonely Vigil

On The Sands

With Darkness All Around

The Only Sound

Your Music

The Angry Waves

Crashing Upon

Earths Rough Shores

I Await The Day

When Stars Once More

Will Fill The Skies

The Moon To Once Again

Begin To Smile

And The Sun Will Shine

Upon My Soul

And From The Waters

Of Calmer Seas

The Waves Will Deliver

You Up To Me

And So For Now

Through Eternity

I Stand

And Await The Day

You Take My Hand


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Duelling Hearts of Love

Welcome To My World

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I would like to re-post this poem/story that I wrote many years ago, apologies to my good friends who have followed me from the My Space days through to Word-press, they have heard this story that I tend to post each year.

This poem actually took me about 12 hours to write in my mind, but actually took 20 minutes to pen in the computer. I have incorporated Ravels Bolero as a musical background, primarily as the music and the words are befitting my mindset at the time, hurt, loneliness and anguish

Wishing you all much love and happiness

Aussie Ian aka Aussie Emu

Before The Suns Were Born and the Heavens Had No Place

In Distant Lands And Faraway Times in Fogs and Mists of Purple Haze Destiny Foretold Of A Love So True In Tender Childhood Happiness We Laughed and Played

Among The Stars Oh How…

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A Dance Of Tease

I Was Lost

That Night

So Long Ago

You Danced For Me

And Me Alone

And In The Sway

Of Your Girlish Hips

You Teased My Heart

And Tormented

My Aching Lips


Behind Your Veils

I See

Your Tantalising

Deep Dark Eyes


With Girlish Allure

Yet You Sway

And Turn From Me

Into The Arms

Of Another

I Write My Words

From Within My Heart

And Yet You

My Darling

Play And Tease

With All My Emotions

A Painter Paints

In Colours Bold

And You

My Darling

Dance In Colours Gold

From Another Land

Another Time

You Dance For Me

To Music

With No Rhyme

And When The Dance

Of Dreams Is Done

You Sway

Into My Arms Of Love


We Put Words To Rhyme

We Make The Music

And Dance As One

For You My Love

Are Eternally



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Icarus of Love


Like Icarus Who Flew

Too Close To The Sun

Destined To Burn Eternal

So As My Love

I Flew To Close

To Your Heart

Destined To Burn

In The Eternal Hells

Of Unfulfilled Love

I Came Too Close

And Burnt My Lips

On Your Tender Words

I Fell Into The Fiery Orb

Of Your Bewitching Smile

I Saw Beyond The Stars

And All The Shining Suns

Into Your Heart I Fell

And So Eternally

To Dwell

Release Me From This Demon

This Hell Of Aching Love

And Hold Me Once Again

Within Your Arms Of Love

Quench The Fires Raging

Within My Loins

And Let Me Taste

The Nectar’s

Of Our Secret Moments

Of Love

Embrace Me My Darling

As Once So Long Ago

Times Have No Meaning

Time Is Gone

Yet In Eternal Love

Time Lingers

Forever On

Bathe With Me Again

In The Waters

We Once Shared

When We Floated In Dreams

In The Golden Waters

On Our Bed Of Love

I Make That Bed Again

My Darling

A Bed Of A Thousand

Rose Petals

Of Roses Yet Unknown

Lay Your Love

Beside Me

And Whisper

Those Sacred Words

To Once Again Hear

Your Words So True

Yes My Darling

I Do Love You




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A Silent Song of Love


From Within A Silent Heart

A Soul Awakes

Yet Was Dead

Once Upon A Moment

In Time

An Ancient Love

Promised Eternally

To Be Mine

Alas The Fickle Heart

Of Love

You Took My Soul

And Tore My Heart

My Love Is Above

The Imaginations

Of Your Mind

Your Concept Of Love

Has No Reality

In A Mortal World

Our Love Spans

Many Lives

And Some Yet To Be Lived

Read Carefully

And Heed My Words

My Eternal Love

My Soul Is True

Filled With Love

And Open Passion

You Know Not Me

For I Am From Your Past

You Do Not Know Me

For I Am From Your Future

Yet I Am Recorded

In Your Book Of Love

I Am In Your Dreams

And Eternally

In Your Heart

You See My Words

You Hear Them Spoken

Yet Do Not See

The Love Within

I Am The Gentle Touch

Of Tender Lips

Upon Your Cheek

As In Minds Turmoil

You Try To Sleep

Feel The Breeze

Within Your Hair

The Touch Of Fingertips

Of One Who Cares

I Am The Cry Of Love

 Within Your Aching Heart

Alas With Silent Heart

A Celtic Love

A Celtic Heart

Forever Doomed

In Love Does Die



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Fading Shadows of a Dream

A Fading Shadow

A Passing Dream

A Wilted Flower

On The Table

Of Love

An Empty Space

In My Scrapbook

Of Memories

Now I Am But A Page

Torn From The Book

Of Love

Yet Once That Flower

On The Table Of Love

Was Nurtured

And Grew

With Love

And Tender Care

And The Book Of Love

Was Read

Except The Final Page

I Never Reached

The Final Page

Nor Saw The Writing

On The Wall


Is A Bittersweet Pill

To Swallow

Yet In My Heart

I Know

That Once Again

The Birds Will Sing

And Flowers Bloom

The Sun Will Shine

And Somewhere In Love

There Is

A Tomorrow

There Is You



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