A Love So True

02 Jan





You Linger In My Waking Hours

And Form the Visions

In My Dreams

You Tease Yet Please

The Heart within My Soul

The Soul of Our Being

The Very Soul

Of My Love

I Do Not Love You

For The Sake Of Love

I Love You My Darling

For The Love of Love

Can You Recall Eons Past

In Days of Yore

When The Lips of Young Lovers

First Met

Do You Recall Our First Kiss

And How Your Eyes Sparkled

And Our Hearts Missed a Beat

Two Young Hearts

Trapped In a Soul of One

Yes That Was Our Love

Both Then and Now

Destined For Eternity

To Be As One

We Laughed and Loved

Within The Spoken Word

We Dreamt the Dreams

Within The Written Words

We Danced Within

Each Others Eyes

And Held Each Other

Close As One

Beneath The Autumns Leaves

And Summers Daylight Suns

The Sky Was Ever Blue

The Gentle Breeze

Carried Our Songs of Love

Recall Our Love

With Unbridled Passion

On Golden Sands

And Foreign Shores

Beneath Skies

On Warm Summer Nights

Skies Twinkling With Millions

Of Sparkling Stars

Reflecting In Your Eyes

Of Deep Emerald Green

I Beheld the Beauty

Of Your Face

Haloed By Your Golden Hair

I Was Lost

In Your Radiant Beauty

Or was it the Pale Moonlight

Or Was It the Aura

Of Love in My eyes

I Loved You Then

In Days So Long Ago

In Different Times

And Different Hearts

And Still My Earthly Heart

Holds Dear

The One True Love

I Hold So Dear

You Love Me

For This I Know So True

For Our Pure Love

My Darling

Was Meant For Two

I  Am One Heart

I Am Your Soul



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2 responses to “A Love So True

  1. rosemarymonteith

    January 5, 2011 at 07:00

    Beautiful, straight from the heart


  2. prenin

    January 3, 2011 at 07:00

    And a beautiful soul you are too my friend! 🙂

    God Bless!




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