Illusion Of The Mind

25 Nov


I know and believe that the body does die in this life and

 that all we are seeing and doing at the present is nothing

 more than an illusion of the mind as the potential of our

mind has yet to grow and expand , at the moment mankind

has only evolved to the extent of using a third of his brain ,

 imagine if all mankind was able to use the full capacity ,

 we would understand the whole complexity of our being

and comprehend the meaning of the eternal life of the soul ,

sporadically in this world we have people born called

genius , these are people who have the ability to see beyond

the here and now and use more than a third of

their brain an even then they still do not reach their full

capacity ,  this material world is nothing more than an

illusion and to us a lifetime of say 100 years in the here

and now is as we say , a lifetime , brush away that

illusion and you will see we are nothing more than a

passing thought in the mind of the creator or in the

evolution of the eternal cosmic universe , I believe that it is

to our benefit for our spiritual evolution to not get attached

to the material world for beauty and possessions are a

material illusion that breeds greed , wars hatred and every

vice that mankind has invented to prove his existence.

Look beyond the material world for it is an illusion that

will vex the heart and stunt the growth of the soul



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2 responses to “Illusion Of The Mind

  1. prenin

    November 26, 2010 at 07:00

    Our existence depends on the deaths of billions of stars, we are built of the mortal remains of destruction, yet you can see an inevitability in the process of the deaths of stars leading to life, growth, change and development.

    We are the Universe trying to figure itself out.

    We are Star Stuff…



  2. Sue Dreamwalker

    November 25, 2010 at 07:00

    Yes Ian we are living in the Illusion of the mind of this world… I wrote a poem recently called Illusion which touched upon the same on my site.
    I hope you dont mind me adding another poem here on how we are so caught up in this illusion as we hurt each other as we fight for the material reality.. Instead of seeing we are Spiritual beings first and formost.
    Another excellent post..


    When you hurt.. I hurt…
    For what you do to your brother you do to me
    When will we open our eyes to really see.
    What have we become in this illusion we call home
    When will we see, we are stuck in this Zone
    Vast is the Universe she sparkles and shines
    She spits us out and laughs at our crimes
    We tumble and fall,
    We’re tossed in her loop
    Yet each of us are caught within her hoop
    As time presses onwards outwards and in
    It backs up on its self and still I grin
    For nothing can harm me as I travel this realm
    For all is experience, and I’m here to delve
    So I’m tossed on the highs of the mountains of love
    Then I’m drowned in Sorrows Rained down from above
    As each our emotions gather speed going round
    And into the whirlpool I spin as I drown
    The experiment we came to participate in,
    I laugh don’t you see, for we are told we are Sin
    And yet when we pass from the chains we’re held in
    We see the mistakes that were far from the truth
    And we see ourselves in our misspent youth
    And Yet was it a mistake after all?
    As we look through the Mirror in the learning Halls
    For all is experience the good and the bad
    The suffering the sorrow the laughter the Sad
    And as each of us join as we look through the glass
    We see we are brothers ALL one as we pass
    So if you Hurt Yourself a little today..
    Know it’s me too you hurt for we are All One I Say..
    Love and Light Sue Dreamwalker..



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