Religious Propaganda In The Name Of Humanity

23 Jun

This is a responce to a Dear Friend

in regards to a recent email I forwarded

regarding the politics of the Muslim world

 and their form of Religious belief

Now my Emu space normally steers clear

of subjects

such as Politics or Religion

But in this case I make an exception

The email I am referring to you will have received

read or discarded


 Thanks for responding to that article dear friend ,

 maybe my mind has been hurt too often

after twenty years as a Medic in the Australian Army

 and service in Vietnam ,

I see history being repeated every time

 by every successive government of the political powers ,

I am wary of propaganda

but do believe that in all propaganda

 there is some basis for facts ,

 even today there are people who still believe

 that the holocaust never happened ,

 yes and there are people out there

 that teach and broadcast this fact ,

purely to purify or sanitize the evidence from their history ,

 for this reason I am very aware and observant on world politics

and I see a similarity in world crimes as in the past ,

 no it is not Muslim bashing ,

 it is an awareness of what is happening in the world now

and understanding it before it is too late

and the wool has been pulled over mankind’s eyes ,

 Did the Jews see the holocaust coming ?

 did they speak up in advance

or did they leave it too late to comprehend what was going on around them

in the world

and in complete lack of understanding

walk beneath the sign that read Work Brings Freedom ,

the price of freedom is eternal vigilance ,

 the superpowers in the world have a lot to answer for

and the idiocy of ancient tenets and dogmas

 used by people of the Muslim world

to exonerate their cultural holocaust

 must be made aware to all mankind before it is too late.
Religions are a personal matter

and to any true Christian , no matter what they believe

is based on Brotherly Love , Relief and Truth
Sorry my dear friend for talking on this matter

 but I have a lot of compassion and regret for certain episodes in life

 that have affected the world in many ways

and many people in many ways ,

 and the holocaust is the major transgression of all mankind

 for not having the wisdom

 to be aware of what was going on in the world of superpower politics ,

 Yes the Muslims are preaching their own agenda

for how the world should be ,

no less than America is pushing the Global powers

into their ideology’s of what the world needs

and mankind needs to survive

We can hide in the pages of the Bible

Or hide in the pages of the Koran

Try to indoctrinate me to your way all you like

But what my eyes sees

My Heart comprehends

And my Soul is affected thus

Judge me all you like by my words

For I judge you all I like

By your actions

Ian aka Emu


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4 responses to “Religious Propaganda In The Name Of Humanity

  1. Lady Grace

    June 25, 2010 at 07:00

    No women, no child, or even men should be treated like this… It is sad how people twisted the true for their own purpose, how they make rules to control ones life, how they claim they know or understand and are obeying God\’s laws and will to justify theirt actions. Yes, it is sad… but with their own made-up laws , rules, belief, and behaviors theiy will be judged and tehy will suffer.


  2. Prenin

    June 24, 2010 at 07:00

    And this is what the Muslims want for all the world.Sick…God Bless.Prenin.


  3. Lady

    June 23, 2010 at 07:00

    HI Ian,as long as there are men and women out there in the world, who want to bend others to their beliefs, their doctrines their way of looking at religion and politics we will never have \’Peace On Earth, Goodwill to All Men\’…WE never learn, human beings I mean, after WW2 it was said , never again…we will learn from this…but no, it seems inbuilt in us, not all of us I know, but enough to meake sure we do not have \’Peace in our Time\’…sadly.. LadyPx


  4. Sue

    June 23, 2010 at 07:00

    Ian there many things i would to say about this, but icant say them hereTake care my friendSue



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