The Magic Of Love

01 Jun

You touched my Soul

When I saw into your eyes

You touched my Heart

When I held you

In my trembling arms

Many moons ago

When Earth was newly formed

Amongs’t the mists

On distant hills

And distant shores

Our Hearts were born

I recall when once we strolled

Hand in hand

Through the mountains

And down through the fens

You were my Princess

As I took you in my arms

Lips of Love

Our passions aching

In lovers haste

We raced into that night

I loved you with a passion

then my Irish Colleen

Hair of golden curls

Dress of satin Emerald green

You came to me my Enya Moira

From the land of the Faeries

 I found my Irish Queen

Do you recall

That night so long ago

Beneath the Faeries first blue moon

We danced in a magical world

Through Dales and Dells

Amongs’t the fireflies

We laughed and sang

We were so much in love

There were no Fireflies

We danced with the Faeries

We were in Love

Our dance of love

Illuminated by the rays

Of the Gods of Love

Who blessed our Love

In the spotlight of moons beans

We danced my darling

We danced and danced

and kept on dancing

We danced the dance of love

To the Fireflies

Orchestra of love

That night so long ago

In another time

Another space

I gave my Heart

To Enya Moira

My Irish Queen

We never did dance that night

With Fireflies my Darling

For that was the night we made Love

That was the night we danced

With the Faeries

In the valleys and fens

Of the land

Of the Emerald Green

The magical world

There was no time

There was no space

We danced and laughed

Between the moon and stars

That shone from your eyes

We danced to the beating

Of the orchestra playing

On the strings of my Lovers Heart

We never stopped loving

We never stopped dancing

That night in the magical world

When Faeries

Danced upon our Hearts



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5 responses to “The Magic Of Love

  1. aussieian2011

    April 14, 2015 at 07:00

    Reblogged this on Welcome To My World.


  2. Prenin

    June 2, 2010 at 07:00

    Hmmm… Faeries or fireflies – I think I prefer the faeries!!! :o)Very well written as always my friend!!!God Bless!Prenin.


  3. Dreamwalker

    June 2, 2010 at 07:00

    I so believe in the magic… Keep gifting us your magical words.. As I so often drift into the mists that time forgot.. 🙂


  4. Natural ♥

    June 1, 2010 at 07:00

    I’m all for a magical world full of love. Have a great week. Smiles


  5. Lady

    June 1, 2010 at 07:00

    the splendour and magic of Love. What would the world be without it?.. xx



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