Chilean Rodeo

26 Sep

 SEPT20PARQUEAHURTADO050.jpg picture by crisfromvan
Rodeos are a part of the culture of many nations
throughout the world
The portray skill , sportsmanship and an earthly pageantry
of a nation
Here in Chile , the custom and display of this fine art
of skill and horsemanship
is an event not to be missed
Not only by the Chilean locals
but tourists wishing to glimpse a skill on horseback
which has evolved over many centuries
I recently attended a Chilean rodeo
and was immensley immpressed
These pictures I captured will give you some idea
of the beauty of a Chilean rodeo
 SEPT20PARQUEAHURTADO083.jpg picture by crisfromvan
The first thing that strikes the observer to the rodeo
is the colourful dress of the riders
they are dressed in the traditional colourful Manta
which is worn over their shoulders
and their hats or as known here Sombreros
are wide brimmed and can be black or yellow
depending on the riders status
The other form of traditional dress is the Poncho
Made from the Alpaca with an opening for the head
much like a blanket with a hole for the head
The Poncho is usually worn in the colder weather
and as I found out when I first wore mine
is that the material is surprisingly warm
The horses in the rodeo are something else to see
SEPT20PARQUEAHURTADO073.jpg picture by crisfromvan
Chilean horses are renowned throughout the world
for their thoroughbred breeding
and have all the qualities that are inherent
in the South American/ Spanish equine heritage
The movements of the horses
in the various events under the guidance
of their expert riders
was a beauty to behold
Finally to finish of my blog I must mention the spectators
They are also a unique part of the rodeo
with their dress and excitement
SEPT20PARQUEAHURTADO081.jpg picture by crisfromvan
Each event is cheered with Chilean enthusiasm
Overall a breathtaking rodeo
and I must confess that with watching the riders
and their traditional dress
My mind had images of some of them old movies
I used to watch
The old Western ones
Alas Emu is Emu
and even he cant imagine himself
being John Wayne
Well thats me blog on Chilean rodeos
Emu is heading back to Aussie next month
with the Mushy bloke
and a wife in tow
What an Aussie rodeo we are gonna have this summer eh
Till next time
Adios Mi Amigos and Amigas
Emu aka Ian with Ana

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3 responses to “Chilean Rodeo

  1. No

    October 7, 2009 at 07:00

    Wishing you & your new wife Ana much happiness. I hope Ana loves Australia…Hugs Valerie x0x


  2. ♥__♥ Bernardita ♥__♥

    September 28, 2009 at 07:00



  3. ♥__♥ Bernardita ♥__♥

    September 28, 2009 at 07:00




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