A Paris Love Affair

Do You Recall The Night My Love

When Once We Strolled

The Streets Of Old Paris

Beneath The Gas Lamps

Shrouded In Soft Falling Rain

Hand In Hand

On The Cobblestones

On That Night Of Love

We Strolled

Feeling The Cold Mists Rising

From The River Seine

We Were So In Love

My Sweet Heart

Your Eyes Sparkled

In Those Early Days

Of Our Happiness

I Gazed Into Your Eyes

With Adoration

And Caressed

Your Long Radiant Hair

Protected That Evening

By The Parasol

The Gas Lamps

Had Just Been Lit

And You Shyly

Clasped My Hand

In Your Soft Tender Grip

Be-toking Tenderness In Love

We Strolled Till Late

My Sweet Heart

Till The Gas Lamps

Grew Dim

And Beneath Their Fading Light

We Kissed

We Professed Our Love For Eternity

And Arm In Arm

In An Ancient Life

Our Souls Faded

Into The Mists

Of The River Seine As

We Strolled That Old Paris Street


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A Photograph Of Memories

Under A Chandelier Of Stars

We Strolled Along The Sands

Of The Oceans Shores

You Held My Hand

I Held Your Heart

As To The Gentle Sound

Of The Oceans Waves

I Felt Your Smile

Upon My Beating Heart

A Heart Glowing With Love

In A Lovers Embrace

I Felt Your Soft Breath

Upon My Lips

Under The Moons Radiant Glow

We Kissed That Night

So Long Ago

Two Lover’s Hearts

Long Into The Night

Strolled The Sands And Kissed

Along The Shores Of Love

With Undying Devotion

You Held My Hand

I Held Your Heart

And Under A Chandelier Of Stars

We Vowed Eternal Love

I Roam The Sands

Upon The Oceans Shores

With The Sound

Of The Oceans Raging Roar

As In My Hand

A Photo I Let Fall

I Watched In Confusion

And Despair

As The Angry Waves

Ceased Its Roar

And Saw My Photograph Of Love

Float Upon The Waves

And Leave Earths Mighty Shores

Alone Upon The Sands

I Roam

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Dreamy Eyes Of Dreams

Dreamy Eyes Of Dreams

Dreamy Voice Of Love

Words Of Love Softly Spoken

Eyes Beholding Untainted Love

Yet Sometimes Eyes Cannot See

But The Heart Can Always See

It Was Love

When First You Crossed My Heart

Again I Can Believe

Again I Live In The Wonderland

Of Love

Your Voice

A Voice Of Song On Lips Of Love

I Cannot Live Without Your Love

Sometimes Eyes Cannot See

Yet A Heart Of Love

Can See For All

My Days Are Never Ending

My Nights An Eternal Dream

You Are The Vision

Of My Happiness

With You I Am Complete

Your Voice Echoes Upon My Soul

And Plays The Strings Of Love

Upon My Heart

Your Love Is A Work Of Art

Created By He

The One Who Gave The World

The Beauty Of Love

When You Look Into My Eyes

Then You Will Realize

Love Is Real

When You Hold My Hand

Then You Will Realize

Love Is Real

There Is No Falseness In My Heart

For Now Our Love Can Never Part

For Once In Times Of Old

Twins Were Born

The Twins Of Love

One Soul One Spirit

Divided At The Birth Of Time

Long Before The Setting Suns

Or Lovers Strolled

Beneath The Stars On Moonlit Nights

We Kissed My Darling

We Loved With Fervor

And Promised Our Hearts

Eternal Love

I Have Searched For You My Love

Over Times And Spaces

Now My Heart Rests

In Twilight’s Hours

To Love My Angel

With My Hearts Devotion

Now Two Hearts Are Bonded

A Soul Reunited

Maybe Eyes Can Never See

But In My Heart

You Are With Me

Don’t Doubt My Love

You Know My Heart

You Know My Soul

Raindrops Of Teardrops

Cascade Across My Pillow

Each Night

Tears Of Loneliness

Tears Of Yearning

Oh How My Heart Aches

To Hold You In My Arms

Once Again

To Never Part

To Sleep In Bliss

With My Lovers Kiss

To Sleep The Dreams Of Love

Sometimes Eyes Cannot See

But The Eternal Eyes Of Love

Will Always See

For Within My Heart

Within Your Arms Of Love

I Sleep Through Eyes Of Love

I Sleep With You

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The Depths Of Dreams And Realms Of Fantasy

My Heart

Arouses My Emotions

I Feel Her Gentle Stirrings

Upon My Lonely Heart

Clarity Of Lightness

Envelopes My Being

I Hear Her Soft Heart


From Beyond The Bounds

Of Times

From Origins

Not Yet Born

You Come To Me

From Beyond Existence

Of Long Forgotten


Of The Cosmos

Lost To Evolution

Your Voice Sings Softly

Upon My Soul

In Calmness

I Hear Your Soothing Words

Of Love

So Gentle And Pure

Of Heart

Your Presence

Is A Dream

Within A Vision

Of The Eye

Of The Eternal Creator

You Reached Across The Cosmos

And Took My Hand

And From Beyond

The Realms

Of The Heavens

You Came Upon

My Sleeping Form

In The Stillness

Of My Soul

You Lay With Me

And Enveloped Me

In The Beauty

And Splendour

Of The Purity

Of Your Love

And With The Beating

Of Young Lovers Heart

Filled With Unbridled Urgency

I Took You

Into My Soul

And Found The Very Core

That Binds As One

Beneath The Skies

Amongst The Heavens

And Throughout The Stars

We Loved In Unbroken


Unbridled Passion

Stirring Our Hearts Of Love

Tied In The Spiritual Band

Of Love

Locked In Eternal Orgasms

Of Renewal

Of Passions

You Lit The Very Skies

In A Kaleidoscope

Of Colours

Of Unknown Hues

Your Gentle Soft Voice

Took On The Violence

Of The Heavens Rages

Of The Universe

Your Eyes

Flaming In Ecstasy

Became The Rainbows

Of Skies

Not Yet Born


In The Brilliance

Of A Thousand Sun’s Rays

I Felt The Very Soul

Of My Being

As Two Souls Melted

Into The Soul

Of The Eternal One

The Soul and Heart

Of Love


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My Heart is a Song of Love

My Heart Is A Song

For You My Love

The Lyrics Are In

Your Sparkling Eyes

We Play The Tune

And Dance 

With Hearts Entwined

Lost In Lovers Dreams

Our Feet

Floating The Cosmos

In The Ballrooms Of Time

We Flow And Sway

We Sing

With Words Unspoken

Hearts Lost In Love

Our Love Dances

Beneath The Stars

Our Music

Plays to Ears Unheard

We Dance Our Dance

Of Love

Lost In The Days

Of Time And Space

Before Earths And Heavens

Were Born

We Dance

As We Have Always


In Love

You Are Mine

As I Am Yours

I Am In Your Heart

And You

Are My Very Soul

We Dance Alone

In Eternal Love


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Strawberries Of Love

Alone Am I

Yet Not Hidden

Behind Dreams

Yet You Appear

Before My Eyes

An Angel

Of The Most Perfect

Exquisite Form

The Gods Ever Created

An Angel Of Tender Love

Hair Dark

With Eyes Beguiling

A Smile

That Captivates My Soul

You Evoke Feelings

Of The Purest Love

Before My Eyes

You Were Real

I Saw You

And Kissed

Your Sweet Tender Lips

With Ardent Passion

The Memories Of Our Love

Become Clear

As I Recall You

In The Images


On My Mind

I Watched You

In The Garden Of Eden

As You Walked

Among The Fields

Where The Wild Strawberries


I Watched You Pick

The Sweetest Of All

The Fruits

In The Garden Of Eden

Where The Wild Strawberries


Now Upon Our Bed

Of Love

Your Lips As Ripe

As The Sweetest Fruits

The Gods

Have Ever Grown

I Give To You

Your Strawberry

From The Field

Where The Wild Strawberries


The Ripest Fruit

So Red And Moist

With Early Morns Dew


With Your Love

And Between Our Lips

We Take The Strawberry

Of Love

From The Garden

Where The Wild Strawberries


And With Our Kiss

We Taste

The New Morns Dew

Of Your Eternal Love

I Love You

My Heart Does Cry

You Tease And Torment

With Those Bewitching

Beguiling Eyes

And In My Final Torment

That You Bestowed

Upon My Heart

You Took The Largest

And Ripest

Of The Strawberries

From The Fields

Where the Wild Strawberries


You Dipped It In The Nectar’s

Of The Deepest

Of  Love

We Ate

The Forbidden Fruits

Of The Darkest Corners

Of The Fields

Where The Wild Strawberries


You Gave Me

The Ultimate Fruit

In Your Kiss

Of Love


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My Heart Moves Ever Forward

My Heart Moves Ever Forward

With Visions For My Dreams

Yet Memories Of Days Gone By

Flicker In The Hopes Of Long Ago

Dreams And Memories

Have Numbed My Mind And Heart

My Soul Wanders Aimlessly

Seeking That

For Which Is Not There

I Look Within My Dreams And Hopes

And Build A Stairway To the Stars

I Climb The Stairway

To The Garden Of Heavens Eden

Seeking The Angel

Of My Dreams

I Seek The One True Love

To Once Again

Feel The Tender Rush

Of Emotional Love

To Hold That Angel

In My Arms

And See Through Teary Eyes

Of Love

The Radiant Beauty

Of Heavenly Love

To Taste Upon Her Lips

The Love Of True Passion

My Heart Cries In Silent Sobs

And Aches And Yearns

The Unbridled Flow Of Love

From A Heart That Is Real

And True

Be Not A Dream Within My Mind

A Mind Of Long Forgotten Memories

Let My Love Emerge

From The Shadows

Of The Darkness Of My Heart

To Quench This Yearning

Heart of Love And Mind

To Calm This Wandering Soul

And Ease This Heart

Of Mine


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