A Silent Song of Love


From Within A Silent Heart

A Soul Awakes

Yet Was Dead

Once Upon A Moment

In Time

An Ancient Love

Promised Eternally

To Be Mine

Alas The Fickle Heart

Of Love

You Took My Soul

And Tore My Heart

My Love Is Above

The Imaginations

Of Your Mind

Your Concept Of Love

Has No Reality

In A Mortal World

Our Love Spans

Many Lives

And Some Yet To Be Lived

Read Carefully

And Heed My Words

My Eternal Love

My Soul Is True

Filled With Love

And Open Passion

You Know Not Me

For I Am From Your Past

You Do Not Know Me

For I Am From Your Future

Yet I Am Recorded

In Your Book Of Love

I Am In Your Dreams

And Eternally

In Your Heart

You See My Words

You Hear Them Spoken

Yet Do Not See

The Love Within

I Am The Gentle Touch

Of Tender Lips

Upon Your Cheek

As In Minds Turmoil

You Try To Sleep

Feel The Breeze

Within Your Hair

The Touch Of Fingertips

Of One Who Cares

I Am The Cry Of Love

 Within Your Aching Heart

Alas With Silent Heart

A Celtic Love

A Celtic Heart

Forever Doomed

In Love Does Die



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Fading Shadows of a Dream

A Fading Shadow

A Passing Dream

A Wilted Flower

On The Table

Of Love

An Empty Space

In My Scrapbook

Of Memories

Now I Am But A Page

Torn From The Book

Of Love

Yet Once That Flower

On The Table Of Love

Was Nurtured

And Grew

With Love

And Tender Care

And The Book Of Love

Was Read

Except The Final Page

I Never Reached

The Final Page

Nor Saw The Writing

On The Wall


Is A Bittersweet Pill

To Swallow

Yet In My Heart

I Know

That Once Again

The Birds Will Sing

And Flowers Bloom

The Sun Will Shine

And Somewhere In Love

There Is

A Tomorrow

There Is You



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Upon a Mountain High

Upon a mountain high

A candle glows

It flickers and wavers

In a hand of love

With tears in eyes

I cherish your love

Within my heart

Yes my darling

You have my love

You have my heart

You are in my soul

In times now lost

Yet chronicled

In the books of love

And veiled

Behind the memories

Of my aging mind

I loved you then

As I love you now

You don’t know me

Yet you feel me

I speak within words

I speak from my soul

I hear you

I touch you

I am in your dreams

For I am that

For which makes us complete

I am love

The love within your eyes

The love within your heart

I see the beauty

Through your eyes

Do I love you

Yes my darling

I do love you

I loved you then

And I love you now

Within my dreams

Of my lonely nights

You are still the girl

Who has never changed

The golden smile

The laughing eyes

The bubbling laughter

Now eons pass

And times do change

Yet you my darling

Have never changed

You are the Angel

From my past

Within my memories

Of an aging mind

Beneath the pale

Blue moons

I hold the girl

Within me

For I am neither you

Nor you are neither me

For we are one

You are the Angel

That brings tears

To my eyes

And makes me cry

For I am the love

Within you

I love you my darling

Yes my darling

I do

For I love the true feeling

Of Love

And you are

Pure Love


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My Porcelain Doll Ages

I have posted the story of My Porcelain Doll quite a few times on my site over the years, so much so that many of my followers should by now, be able to recite it by Heart, the poem was one of my original poems, and I tend to look back and treasure my originals, as they give me an insight into my progress over the years as a poet. For those that have followed the story of My Porcelain Doll, you can view my previous post on here, you will find that there is a real life Porcelain Doll, her name is Rayen Fernanda, my little Chilean Granddaughter who I had the pleasure and luxury of holding in my arms early this year. So for my patient and persevering followers, I give you an update on my Porcelain Doll, she has now aged to 11 months and starting to make words, by all accounts don’t let her innocent eyes deceive you, for slumbering beneath those dark eyes of alluring temptations of Love, lies a whirlpool of mayhem and chaos. Waiting to break your Heart.

By Chance Of Love

In Early Morns Dreams

You Came To Me

In The Mirrors

Of My Mind

A Vision Of Beauty

A Porcelain Doll

Of Such Exquisite


Your Pale Face

So Delicate

And Wan

Your Hair

So Curly

And Alluring

Illuminated By

An Enchanting

Bewitching Smile

Reflecting The Suns

Early Morning Rays

In My Dreams

I Hear The Voice

Of An Angel

My Porcelain Doll

Did Speak


And Bewildered

In The Brilliance

Of Her Beauty

You Lingered

But A Fleeting Moment

In Time

As The Sun’s Rays

Broke The Spell

Of My Dreams

And Fantasy

I Fell In Love

With A Porcelain Doll

I Can Now Put These Words To Rest

For Dreams Do Come True



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Waves Of Loves Passions

From The Cliff Tops Of Life

Silently Hand In Hand

We Gazed Towards The

Raging Seas

We Watched The Ocean Spirit

Vent Her Passion

With Waves Stimulating

Her Underbelly

Lashing The Shores Of Life

Buffered By The Wind Spirits

Moaning In Support

Of Her Passion

Again And Again

Sky Spirit Poured Down

Her Torrential Tears

Hours We Watched

Hand In Hand

United In A Passion

Of Awe And Wonderment

Finally The Passion

In Ocean Spirit Subsided

Calm Now Her Rage Spent

Calm With Slight Tremors

Of Afterglow

We Gazed At A

Spiritual Transformation

My Ocean Spirits Eyes

Were Closed In Sleep

With Tender Love

I Kissed Your Lips

Exhausted In Love

Little Ocean Spirit Slept


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A Fairy Tale—The Oyster And The Pearl

He Was Nine

She Was Ten

They Held Hands

Way Back

In Days Of Yore 

Times Did Come

And Times Did Pass

And Now Once Again

In Your Sleep

I Hold Your Hand

As In Our Childhood Past

Our Love Has Crossed

Many Lives

Many Waves On Foreign Shores

My Wave Would Break

Your Wave Behind

You Followed Me

And Broke Upon

My Shore

Two Waves Crashed

Lost In The Sands Of Time

An Hourglass

And Both Our Waves

Tore Us Asunder

The Roaring Of The Seas

As I Stood Upon The Shore

Those Foamy Waves

Our Cry Of Love

From Oceans Deep

My Wave Receded

Back Into The Depths

Of My Past

You Followed My Heart

Two Young Souls

On Alien Shores

I Was Nine

And You Were Ten

Remember When

We Held Hands Back Then

An Aged Mind

Relives Ghosts

Ghosts From My Past

Crushing Waves

Crushing Lips

Do I Love You

Yes And Always Will

You Have No Name

But Still Our Love Is Real

Your Gentle Touch

Your Lips On Mine

Your Beauty Stirs My Mind

Memories Of Other Times

Other Lives

Naive And Beautiful

You Were Mine

You Were Ten

And I Was Nine

I Was The Diver

From Above

You The Tiny Mermaid

From The Deep

I Dived The Oceans Depths

For You My Childhood Dream

I Dived For Treasures

That Made You Weep

And Now On Sands

Of Alien Shores

A Boy Of Nine

A Diver From The Deep

Places A Circle Of Seashells

Around The Neck

Of A Girl So Sweet

A Girl Of Ten

When I Was Nine

For You Are My Memories

My Memory Of A Young Boys Love

The World Is Yours

I Am The Oyster

You Are The Pearl

You Are Mine

In An Old Mans Memory

A Little Boys Mind


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An Opera Of Dreams

I Thought I Had Strayed

Into A Dream

You Played

Upon My Mind

And Played Your Love

Upon The Strings

Of My Heart

You Are The Music

Of The Night

I Lay Awake

In A Lovers Daze

Of Dreams And Hopes

With Desires Yearning

Within My Soul

In The Darkness

Of The

Consuming Blackness

I Was Drawn

Into A Lovers Reverie

Of Love And Romance

Of A Soul Searching

For Loves

Eternal Happiness

Not Yet Asleep

Nor Yet Awake

I Lay Mesmerized

At The Role You Played

Upon The Stage

Of My Soul

You Entered The Dream

And Took

The Center Stage

In Gasps

Of The Awe Of Your Beauty

And The Scene


Before My Eyes

You Danced

The Final Scene

As In Each Other’s Arms

You Succumbed

To Your Lovers Lips

In Tears Of Loves Grief

From My Seat

High In The

Dress Circle

I Saw Your Lover

On The Stage

Within My Dream

Turn His Heart

From The Girl

I Loved

Through The Eyes

Of My Soul

I Saw Myself Drift

In A Purple Haze

Towards The Screen

Of A Lovers Play

I Took You

In My Arms

And Saw The Love

Within Your Heart

In A Lovers Kiss

With Tears

Upon My Soul

I Watched

You Slowly Fade

Within My Arms

To Melt

Within The Darkness

Of My Lonely Heart

I Await

With Bated Breath

Your Return

My Goddess Of The Stage

A Lovers Dream

I Await

The Final Encore

Then Dear Readers

Of My Lovesick Verse

You May Bring

The Curtain Down


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