Hope Flows In Eternal Love

Hope Flows Eternal

When Lovers Kiss

Beneath A Moon So Mellow

The Coolness Of The Breeze

Upon Your Lips

The Night Was Young

When Once

Two Young Lovers


I Recall In Ancient Times

Our Every Touch Of Tender Lips

I Recall Your Arms I Held

The Scent Within Your Hair

The Glow Of Your Young Love

Upon A Shy Girls Smile

Hopes For A Future

Better Than The Past

Useless Hopes

Embedded In Dreams

Yet Hopes We Held

Hopes For A Future

Of Love To Last

Let Our Hearts

Look To The Future

Let Our Hearts

My Hurts And Pains

Dream In Dreams

My Loves

My Gains

Let My Past

Be In My Past

And Pass My Memories Eyes

Two Stars

In The Darkness

Of The Night

Illuminating The Hearts

All Lovers Should See

Promises Of A Love

A Future For Two

A Future For You And Me

We Have Come So Far

And Now

Must Find The Strength

To Look To The Future

As One

This Time

Our Love Must Prevail

This Time Our Love

Must Never Fail

No More Hurt

No More Pain

Upon Our Hearts

Upon Our Souls

Gods Of The Heavens

Of Eternal Love

Let Two Hearts

That Trembles In Love

Tremble In The Arms Of Love

Once Again

A Mortal Heart

Lasts But A Short Time

A Spiritual Soul

Lasts Eternally

Open The Doorway To My Heart

And Let My Soul

Float Free


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Mi Milongo Of Love

How Much I Love You So

You Can Never Know

How Much This Heart Of Mine

Can Hold

The Words As Written

Are An Expression Of My Soul

No One Can Ever Know Me

Don’t Look At Me With Eyes So Cold

Don’t Look At Me

And Tell Me My Heart Is Waning

Break My Heart

But Don’t Break A Heart Of Love

Let Our Hearts Dance Free

Let Our Hearts Have Wings

Milongo With Me

Across The Ballroom Of Romance

Let Our Love Lose Ourselves

In The Wonderland Of Love

Milongo With Me In Love

Hold Me In Your Arms

Love Me With Your Eyes

Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Heart

There You Will Find Love

Dance With Me The Milongo

Between The Stars And Skies

Cross Your Heart With Mine Tonight

The Gods Gave Me A Rainbow

A Rainbow In My Heart

A Rainbow In Your Eyes

I See

Purple For Passion

Yellow For Laughter

All The Colours Were Given

For You And Me

Ride The Rainbow In My Dream

The Rainbow Of Our Dreams

You Took Me Away From A World

You Took Me Into A Fantasy

You Took Me Into A World Of Love

The Sun Will Shine Again My Love

The Skies Will Burn

With Untold Heat

We Cross The Rainbow

And Slide To The Other Side

I Am Your Husband

You Are My Bride

I Give You A Rainbow

A Rainbow Of Dreams

Our Crystal Chandelier

A Canopy Of The Stars

The Chandelier That Sparkled

In A Baby Girls Eyes

Colours Of The Rainbow

Purple For Passion

Yellow For Laughter

Gold For My Darling

Sleep In Dreams Tonight

And Know

In My Arms In Dreams

Your Heart I Hold


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I Walked Away From Your Heart

I Walked Away

With Sadness Engulfing

My Heart

And Tears In My Eyes

Love So Deep

Went So Shallow

I Gave You My Heart

I Gave You My Soul

To Hold To Cherish

For Eternity To Keep

I Walked Away

With Confusion And Sadness


My Heart

And With Tears

In My Eyes

A Love So Deep

I Walked Away

And Left You

My Shattered Heart

To Keep


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The Officers Waltz

 photo Slipper-Rose-1976_zpstapdmmt9.jpg

How We Danced In love

Those Days

My Beautiful Bride

The Orchestra Played

In The Officers Ballroom

With Its Walls

Of Purple

And Borders Edged

With Shining Gilded Cherubs

The Chairs

That Lined The Walls

Were Of The Softest Velvet

The Lights From The Candelabra

That Projected From The Walls

Lit Up The Red Uniforms

That Littered The Floor

Swaying To The Sounds

Of Strauss

We Graced The Floor

Of The Ballroom

Your Golden Curls Shining

Beneath The Chandeliers

That Twinkled In The Glow

Of Your Sparkling Eyes

Illuminated From The Love

Held Within Your Breasts

Your Long Pink Court Dress

Grazing The Floor

I Held You In My Arms

You Recall My Love

That Night We Waltzed

In A Lovers Trance

I Held You In My Arms

We Waltzed Till Early Morn

At The Officers Ball

My Heart Was Breaking

And Ached In Love

Your Love

Tore At My Very Soul

I Did Not Want To Let You

Out Of My Arms

I Did Not Want

To Break The Spell

Of That Moment In Time

With Tears In My Eyes

And Sobs Upon My Heart

I Held You Close

For One Last Dance

The Officers Farewell Waltz

 photo 10924781_10153203752128149_94882273119804844_n_zps7663eaf2.jpg


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Immortality Of Love

The Words Of Love

Are Fickle

In The Mind Of One

Who’s Mortal Heart

Is Scorned

For When You Reach

Beyond My Heart

And Love My Very Soul

And Love My Very Being

Then And Only Then

Our Love Is Found

Bonded In Two Souls

As One

You Have Broached

My Heart

And Saw Into The Oneness

Of Our Soul

Take My Heart

Take My Soul

Believe In Love

Or Not

As A Falling Star

On A Darkened Night

You Awaken My Heart

To Love

The Stars Began To Sparkle

The Moons

Of Many Heavens

Began To Shine

Their Radiance

On Our Mortal Love

Yet But As A Falling Star

You Were So Near

And Yet So Far

You Flickered

But For A Fleeting Moment

In Eternity

And Faded

Love Is No More

Than A Mortal Reflection

Of The Souls Desires

And Yearnings

A Mere Reflection

Of A Soul Of Love

She Who I Seek

Will Find Me

Within Her Own

True Heart

For She Will Know

That Love Is Not Complete

Till The Soul Is United

With That

From Which She Was Born

The Mother Soul

The Soul Of One

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I Cant Help Loving You

 photo untitled-1.jpg

I Am But A Remnant

Of A Golden Age

Of Love

Mere Sands

In The Hourglass

Of Life’s Eternal Cycle

I Come To You

From The Spiritual Worlds

That Were Created

Long Before Your Birth

Was Forecast

An Old Spirit Tormented

In An Old Mans Heart

 Eternally Seaeking

For That Which Completes

The Soul In Love

Souls Born As One

Divided In Creation

I Seek My Other Half

I Seek My Love

I Have No Fear Of Age

Yet In My Heart I Fear

The Emotion Of The Unity

Of One Soul

My Fear Builds Fear

On Fear

I Write Of How

My Love Perceives

Our Love To Be

Yet Cannot See

My Love

In Mortal Eyes

Why Does The Beauty

Of Love

Torment My Heart

Why Does It Bewitch

My Heart

And Let Tears

Of Sorrow

Fall Upon My Soul

I Rest My Heart

In The Hands Of The Gods

Of Love

For Within Their Hands

And In Their Plans

Love Will Find Me

Love Will Come To Me

Many Lives

And Many Times

I Have Returned

To This Mortal Realm

My Gods Of Love

Will Not Forsake Me

For Somewhere

In The Eternal Plan

I Will Find Love

I Will Find The Soul

Divided At Creation

Then And Only Then

I Will Find You

My Darling

I Will Find My Love

I will Find Myself

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My Spirit Princess

 photo 45cfcd46.pngSleep Envelopes Tired Eyes

Drifting Into Dreams Of Memories


I Await

For The Moment Of Your Return

My Spirit Succumbs

To The Inevitable

My Body

Surrenders To Desires


Spirit Princess Returns

She Folds

Me In Her Wings Of Love

In Spirit

We Are As One

You Carry Me

As You Nightly Do

We Soar On High

To Ultimate Heights

To Places Never Seen

You Lower Me

Gently Back To Earth

Soul Complete

Body Exhausted

Heart In Love

Now I Sleep

In The Early Hours

Of Natures Dawn

My Spirit Princess Leaves

Till Another Night

Another Dawn

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