The Oceans Call

I Sat Upon The Sands Of Time

Under A Waning Moon

A Moon Surrounded

By Her Attendants

Of Stars

Their Eyes

Shining And Flickering

Upon The Rays

Of Her Sleepy Moonbeams

Alone On The Sands Of Time

My Mind Wandered

Back To Another Time

Another Place

Together We Loved

And Laughed

As The Soft Gentle Waves

Broke Upon The Shores

Of The Ocean Spirits Lover

Her Earth Spirit

Receiving Her In Wild


We Danced Upon

Those Very Waves

We Laughed And Romanced

As The Gentle Cool Nights Breeze

Serenaded Us

With Her Enchanting Songs

Of Mysteries Of Secrets

Beneath The Waves


Of Hidden Lovers Havens

And Secluded Grottoes

Two Spirits Played Among

The Sea Sprites And Faeries

Of The Briny Seas

We Loved And Romanced

That Night

Beneath The Waves

Of The Ocean Spirits Passion

Two Lovers Tossed And Turned

Locked In The Oceans Soul

Again And Again

We Came To The Surface

Of Our Love

Only To Be Dragged Back

To The Depths

Of The Oceans Soul

Never Ending

To Begin Again

We Loved

In Heated Abandonment

That Night

The Night We Made Love

Beneath The Oceans Waves


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Flames of Desires

Your Passion

Stirs My Heart

And Inflames The Desires

In My Soul

Your Female Scent


Your Hot Sweet Breath


In The Heat

Of The Moment

Of Our Love


The Soft Moans


Your Swollen Lips

As You Surrender

In Abandonment

Your Desires

To Release Your Love

To Me

My Beautiful Spirit

I Must Reach


Your Very Soul

With A Mouth


In Passions Search

I Must Be As One

In Our Union

Of Lovemaking

You Build My Desires

To Heavens Very Door

You Stir


Of Wildness

In My Heart

Please Release Me

My Beautiful Lover

Release The Constraints

And Unbind The Ties

And Let Me Loose

In The Heavens Of

Your Playground

Of Delight

Let Me Bathe

In The Eternal Waters

Of Your Love



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The Mandala A Way Of Learning

Welcome To My World

I have decided to re post this blog that was written a few years back. This was an experience of learning, I was fortunate to be a part of with the Tibetan monks a few years back

So through this experience, I will share with you their wisdom

In regards to the material world and the afterlife.

I hope this analogy will bring solace and Serenity to those

 who ponder our existence, and the hereafter.

The Mandala


The Mandala Is a beautiful design depicting many symbols that are sacred to the Tibetan Religion and Culture, today I witnessed the final touches to this ten day work of exquisite beauty, this Incorporated chanting and blessings, then In a matter of two Minutes, The Beautiful Ten Days Work Was Swept Up

And The Coloured Beads Were Placed In a Bowl I Admit I Felt a Rush of Dismay As I Witnessed Its…

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Enigma Of Souls

Torn Between The Old And New


Between The Past And Future

I Am An Enigma

Unto Me

Seen From Whence I Come

See The Path

Of Lives To Come

I Walk A Thousand Miles

In The Blinking Of An Eye

Images Of Past

Ingrained Upon A Soul

Scenes Unfolding

Of Future Dreams And Lives

Conversations Fading

In The Ears Upon My Mind

Your Picture Blurs In Memories

To Be Reborn Again

In Another Place And Time

Eternal Changing Of Souls

Some To Learn And Love

Never Ending Walking

The Thousand Lives

In The Blinking Of An Eye

I Have No Fear Of Exposing

The Spirit Trapped Within

This Earthly Form

Or Baring Emotions

Learnt Upon This Heart

Torn Between The Old And New


Between The Past And Future

One Soul One Spirit

Walks The Paths Of Time


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Edens Tree Of Love

Welcome To My World

Your Memory Brings Tears

To My Eyes

And Sobs Within My Heart

Why Did You

Stop Loving

Why Did You

Go And Break My Heart

You Betrayed My Love

You Betrayed My Heart

My Love Was Pure

As The Driven Snow

My Love Was Open

For All The World To See

Now You Are Gone

My Destiny


My Heart Moves On

Forgive Me

My Darling

My Heart Was Never Meant

To Feel This Pain

To Pen These Words

This Infatuation With Love

Was Bringing My Heart

To Grief

Why Did You

Go And Break My Heart

You Betrayed My Love

You Betrayed My Heart

My Love Was Pure

As The Driven Snow

My Love Was Open

For All The World To See

Now You Are Gone

I Have Loved You

A Thousand Times Over

I Go On In The Hope

Love Will One Day

Return To Me

I Have…

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Hand Of Love

You Sensed My Heart

Of Confusion

Within My Words

You Read To The Depths

And Openness

Of My Soul

And Saw The Being

Trapped Within

A Heart Of Love


Your Soft Delicate

Porcelain Hand

Reaching In Love

From Across The Briny Waves

And Distant Shores Of Coldness

Your Small Ebony Eyes

Saw Love And Tenderness

Of The Boy Within The Man

Your Eyes

Convey Trust And Honesty

Of A Soul Of A Healer

Within Your Gentle Hand

I Feel A Love

Of Pureness Of Heart

I Gaze Upon

Your Black Curls


By The Glow

Of A Smile

Captivating In Beauty

Bewitching In Love

I Carry Your Memory


Upon My Soul

And The Warmth

Of Your Little Hand 

Upon My Heart


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For Lovers Ears


On The Winds Of Time


Through The Windows

Of My Mind


On The Breeze Of Love

My Soul

Speaks Her Words

Of Eternal Love

I Hear Her Words

Softly Whispering

Over The Waves From

A Forgotten Time

And Echoing

From The Ears

Of The Forest Trees

A Forest Of Dreams

Reassuring Soft Words

Spoken Before Time Began


To Cherish In My Heart


Of A Dreaming Love

Hidden In Memories

Your Breath Of Love


Your Words

Carry Our Song

From Long Ago

I Hear Your Words

In Our Song Of Love

A Song For Two

Yet A Song

To Be Heard

By Those In Love

I Feel Your Closeness

In Your Lilting Voice

And Your Very Breath

Upon My Soul

You Give Me A Gift

You Restore My Soul

I Whisper My

Gentle Words

Of Undying Love

Together We Sing

A Strange Spirit Melody

For Only Our Ears

For We Are In Love

My Header Graphic is Courtesy of My Good Friend Jasmine

Jasmine is a Lovely Graphic Design Artist

A visit to her site is an enjoyable experience

My Header Graphic is Courtesy of My Good Friend Jasmine

Jasmine is a Lovely Graphic Design Artist

A visit to her site is an enjoyable experience

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