Fires Of My Heart

You Ignited The Fires Of Passion

Within My Heart

And Fanned The Flames

Of Love Upon My Soul

Your Golden Smile

Shining And Radiant

In Love And Tenderness

You Stirred The Emotions

Of A Long Dormant Heart

Your Gentle Breath

Ignited The Fires Of Passion

Within My Heart

And Fanned The Flames

Of Love Within My Soul

Your Golden Curls

And Radiant Smile

As Bright As The Sun’s Rays

Upon This Sun burnt Land

You Took My Hand

And Held Me Close

I Felt The Beating

Of A Young Girls Heart

So Full Of Love

And Dreams

Dreams Forever Kept

Within A Young Girls

Diary Of Love

In Your Eyes I See

The Purity

Of Your Soul

The Echo Of My Love

A Soul Returning

Emotions And Feelings

Of Love


As A New Born Rose

From The Garden

Of Eden

I Tasted From The Goblet

The Sweet Dew Drops

Of Loves Passions

Upon Your Lips Of Desire

As In Young Loves

Earnest Haste

I Fell Into The Flames

Of The Fire Of Your Love

You Consumed My Love

You Took My Very Soul

In Your Burning Heat

Your Relentless Desire

To Feel The Warmth

Of My Eternal Love

You Left Me Alone

Within The Ashes Of Love

A Mere Ember Of Love

A Mere Glimmer Of Love

Consumed And Eternally

Damned To Die

In Your Fires Of Love


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The Flight of the Condor

Originally posted on Welcome To My World:

The wall has crumbled
The bastion of secrets
has fallen
Stone by stone
Layer upon layer
exposing the Heart
and secrets behind
The Soul is exposed
The Heart is raw
I can no longer hide
Now you see me
Now you know me
fully exposed
For who I am
A mortal Heart
Lost in a spiritual Soul
Eternally seeking
The one true Love
And yet I seek
acceptance and forgiveness
for transgressions
that my mind
no longer recalls
never committed
I have clambered over
the rocks of life
To reach the summit
of my dreams
My one true love
Now above
snow covered peaks
reaching for the Heavens
The Condor fly’s
Valleys far below
Greenness all around
A wisp of smoke
Rising from a chimney
Promising warmth
and love
The smell
of new burnt wood
Wafting on the breeze
from the valley
far below
The lonely flight
of the male…

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Mi Amor

My Cares Are For You Alone

My Love

Hold Me Close At Night

Allay My Fears

Tell Me From Your Lips Of Love

Promise Me For All Eternal

That You Have Been

And Forever More

Eternally Mine

I Dream In Dreams Of Love

Yes To My Aged Mind

My Dreams Are Real

I Dream Of Long Ago

When We Have Loved Many Times

And Loved In Many Places

Don’t Let Me Linger In Mortal Soul

Don’t Let Me Dream Alone

For Alone In Darkness

My Soul Lies Dormant

My Soul Is Alone

Without You

An Empty Ship

On A Lonely Sea

Buffeted By Waves

Waves Of Insecurity

Waves Of Hopes And

Waves Of Faded Dreams

Ships Across The Seas

Buffeted On Ancient Waves

Crashing On Foreign Shores

A Moment In Time

A Mere Glance In The Eye

In The Eye

Of He Who Holds Our Life

Within His Hands

And Souls Within His Breath

He Allowed Our Hearts To Meet

Heralding A New Dawning

A Moment In Each Other’s Arms

Yet Eternity In Each Other’s Minds

A Fairyland Of Mortal Hopes

In The Mortal World Of Insecurity

And Yet My Heart Knows

A Love Once Lived

Is A Love Never Forgotten

Yes We Have Known Love

Many Times


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Candlelight Roses and Romance

Originally posted on Welcome To My World:

Candlelight Roses And Romance


 I Saw You Seated

As I Came Through The Door

My Heart Stood Still

I Gazed In Awe

As I Breathed In The Image

Of A Most Beautiful Lady

 I Saw Before My Eyes

So Small Of Frame

So Fragile Of Form

Long Hair Cascading

Around A Face

Made By The Hands

Of The Gods

In Your Face I Saw

The Delicacy Of A Soul

Weathered By Pain

And Suffering

And Some Of Loves Scorn

Two Eyes Met

And In That Moment

Time Stood Still

Two Hearts Missed A Beat

Slowly From The Corners

Of Lips So Tender

A Smile Formed

That Slowly Ignited 

A Face Of Profound Beauty

Oh What A Vision To Behold

I Found Myself Across From You

With No Spoken Words

Beside Two Candles

Burning Low

Two Hands Crossed Barriers

Of Time And Space

As Two Hands

Beneath The Heavens…

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Flamenco Flames

Originally posted on Welcome To My World:

re blog this piece of poetry that I wrote many years ago,its re posted mainly for those new followers, who have kindly given me the courtesy of their following.

Flamenco Flames


 Oh How You Danced

And Loved And Played

Back Beyond Years

In Our Young And Wild

Gypsy Days

I Played My Guitar

And You Would Dance

In The Tabla dos

Of  Seville

 We Loved Our Life

And Carefree Days

And Romantic Nights

You Made My Guitar

Come To Life

As With Elegance

You Took The Floor

In A Slow

And Easy Grace

Your Heels Began

To Pick Up Pace

Faster Now

Your Heels Did Click

As Faster On My Guitar

I Picked

You Danced As In

A Hazy Fog

As Your Feet Took Wings

And Heels Became

A Misty Blur

 In Times Of Long Ago

You Danced In Passion

Time Had No Meaning

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Il Silenzio—Melissa Venema

Good evening My Friends

I would like to share with you, one of my favorite video clips.

It is taken from one of the World’s Great Renowned Conductors concert.

The Great Andre Rieu.

His Guest is a young Trumpeter of extraordinary talent.

May her playing give you Joy

And her music bring Love, Peace and Serenity

Into your Hearts.


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Fruit of Life

Originally posted on Welcome To My World:

Fruit Of Life


 I Come To You

In The Secret Grotto

Of My Garden Of Eden

As The Gods Made You

Naked Of Emotion

Soul Bared


In Wild Abandon

Under The Gaze Of Heaven

I Explore The Orchard

Of Delight

I Taste From The

Tree Of Life

The Sweet Juice

Of The Ripest Fruit

Of Eternal Love

Forever To Roam

The Eternal Heavens

In Search

 For The Secret Grotto

In My Garden Of Eden

To Pluck

From The Tree Of Life

The Forbidden Fruit

Of Eternal Desire

Your Love

My Darling

My header graphic is from my good friend Jasmine.

Jasmine is a lovely graphic design artist.A visit to her site is an enjoyable experience



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