A Memory of a Christmas Past

I want to share this story with you all at this time of the year.

At this time of the year, many memorys are relived, watching the Carols by Candlelight,watching old Christmas movies, hearing Bing Crosby, Charles Dickens and The Ghosts of the past, present and future.

This is a true story I wrote many years ago, but back then I refrained from disclosing the full truth of that story, why ? It had a profound effect on me, as a poetic writer, I admit , my heart emotions run gently and I feel emotions of the heart deeply, I felt the truth of the incident were too personal to be understood.

I now share with you my Ghost from the past, my Christmas story.

After I retired from twenty years in the Australian Army, I was retired,I had a pension to get by on but time was hanging on my hands.

I took on various jobs, shark fishing off the coast of Tasmania, potato picking, grape picking and even a pub bouncer, till I got sick of being headbutted.

Then I decided to do a volunteer job for a community organization, the hours fluctuated, but was usually , an hour in the morning, an hour at midday and an hour in the afternoon. I became a Radio Announcer for the Vision Impaired.

I enjoyed my voluntary work, it gave me sense of worth and that I was contributing to society.

After two and a half years, Christmas came around, I had no partner and was sharing Christmas alone, I took myself off for a Christmas eve dinner at one of the local clubs.

Being Christmas eve, the dining room was packed, roughly over sixty diners were enjoying their meals, the noise was loud and full of gaity, I ordered my meal and proceeded to enjoy the meal and the laughter and gaiety around me.

Suddenly I felt a touch on my shoulder, I looked up and saw a beautiful girl staring at me, she said, you are Ian Felton arent you ?, I had never seen this girl before and replied yes, I am Ian.

She said I always wanted to see you

The girl then gently ran the fingers of both hands over my face. Yes she said, you are the Ian Felton I envisaged. She leant down and whispered into my ear, thank you Ian for keeping me company during the long hours in my dark world.

It was only as she walked away, that I realized she was blind, as I saw her take the white cane that was propped against the table.

The girl had recognized my voice out of a room full of boisterous gaiety.

Soon after that Christmas eve, for personal reasons, I retired as a radio broadcaster for the blind.

That girl taught me a lesson that Christmas eve.

Christmas is not always about what you see, its about what you feel in your heart.

Merry Christmas all, and share the love in your heart

Ian aka Emu


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Candlelight Roses And Romance

I Saw You Seated

As I Came Through The Door

My Heart Stood Still

I Gazed In Awe

As I Breathed In The Image

Of A Most Beautiful Lady

I Saw Before My Eyes

So Small Of Frame

So Fragile Of Form

Long Hair Cascading

Around A Face

Made By The Hands

Of The Gods

In Your Face I Saw

The Delicacy Of A Soul

Weathered By Pain

And Suffering

And Some Of Loves Scorn

Two Eyes Met

And In That Moment

Time Stood Still

Two Hearts Missed A Beat

Slowly From The Corners

Of Lips So Tender

A Smile Formed

That Slowly Ignited

A Face Of Profound Beauty

Oh What A Vision To Behold

I Found Myself Across From You

With No Spoken Words

Beside Two Candles

Burning Low

Two Hands Crossed Barriers

Of Time And Space

As Two Hands

Beneath The Heavens Of Love

Joined In A Lovers Hold

In Your Eyes

I Saw Beauty Beyond Compare

Through Your Heart

And To Your Very Soul

In One Second

In The Times Of The Gods

I Looked Unto

The Hand I Did Hold

In My Hand Was The Hand

Of A Little Girl

Slowly I Raised My Eyes

And Before My Eyes

Was Seated A Beautiful Lady

Of Such Splendor And Grace

A Beautiful Angel

A Halo Of Gold

Illuminating An Angels Face

As Radiant As The Sun

The Night Beneath The Heavens

Floated In A Haze

Of Emotions

Lingering Eyes Of Love

Eyes Filled With Tears Of Joy

Hearts Filled With Laughter

And Gaiety

Oh How That Night Flew By

In A Blur Of Vision

To The Sound Of Romantic Music

Serenaded By The Strings

Of Hearts Love

From My Dream

In The Doorway From Afar

I Awoke Alone

But In My Hand

I Felt The Warmth

And Glow

Of A Little Girls


But In My Mind

Now Engraved

Upon My Heart

Is The Vision

Of An Angel Of Splendor

And Beauty

A Childhood Dream

Of A Young Girls Love

And A Young Girls Heart

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Jasmine is a lovely graphic design artist.

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Candles Wine And Romance

A Glass Of Wine

Shared Across A Table

For Two

Your Soft Tender Hand

Held In Mine

Your Eyes

So Soft And Alluring

Yet Holding The Sparkle

Of A Girls

First Love

Your Shy Tender Smile

Held In My Memory

For Eternity

The Gentle Touch

Of My Hand

Inflaming The Light

Of Love

Within Your Eyes

Eyes Sparkling

In Unknown Hopes

And Dreams

Your Mind

Wandering In The Fantasy’s

Of A Young Girls Love

Eyes Sparkling So Bright

Like A Thousand

Tiny Diamonds


From Two Candles

Shared Across A Table

For Two

A Table Of Romance

In My Arms

No Words Were Said

As To The Music

Of Our Hearts

We Start To Dance

And Sway

Beneath The Blue Moon

Two Candles

Across A Table

A Glass Of Wine

And A Lovers Dance

That Was The Night

That Began Our Romance

When You Became Mine

My Darling

That Was The Night

You Took My Heart

And With Eyes

Never Wavering

Within Your Eyes

And In Your Heart

I Held You Close

As Gently We Moved

To The Music

Of That Romantic Night

We Swayed To The Music

Of Young Lovers Hearts

We Danced That Night

My Darling

We Fell In Love

My Sweet Heart

As We Danced

Within Our Hearts

Alone We Loved

And Held Each Others Hearts

Lost To The Music

Of Love

We Danced

And Dined My Love

A Glass Of Wine

Shared Across A Table

For Two

A Gentle Kiss


Upon Your Tender Lips

Two Candles Alight

Two Candles

On A Moonlit Night

Began Our Romance

Began Our Love


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Memories Of A Lovers Lips

Welcome To My World

Once In a Lifetime

Back Beyond Memories

Lost In the Mists of Years

We Lived Before

We Laughed and Loved

I Reached Out For Your Hand

But You Took My Heart

I Saw Love Reflected

From Within Your Very Soul

In Hearts as One

We Carry Our Memories

And Our Dreams

When Together

Two Young Hearts

Crossed the Universe

 And Spaces

Of Infinite Love

Our Hearts Sparkling

Aglow With the Fire

Of Love and Happiness

We Played

Among’st The Planets

Moons and Stars

We Chased Each Others Soul


As Gentle As the Butterfly

From One Seconds Love

To Another

Our Hearts A Circle

No Beginning No End

We Explored Our Eternal Love

And Made Love

Beneath The Faerie Trees

Of The Cosmos

Lost Forever

In Each Other’s Eyes

Joined In the Union

Of Souls of Love


To Dance and Romance

The Heavens

For All Times

And Still We…

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The Piano Man Plays

Welcome To My World

 2-2.jpg picture by cellers_2008

Your heart thinks

Yet I never forget

You feel my heart

can never cry

Alone on my piano

of loneliness

My tears do fall

I play a lullaby of love

Our Love

A love sworn never to die

An old mans fingers

Play on an old mans piano

of memories

Tears from faded eyes

Dimmed to misty blue

I see not keys

I see the girl

within my heart

My mind my fingers

are lost in memories

We danced we loved

Yet always

The piano man played

our songs of love

The brown eyed girl

She wears my ring

Beneath the moon

we sang in dreams

Alas the stars do fade

The moon does close her eyes

The piano man still plays

our song of love

The brown eyed girl

She wears my ring

Times are past

Our love is gone

You may forget

moments in time

When two loves…

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Song Of The Sea


Songs That Travels In My Blood

The High Tide Inside Ebbs And Flows

Filling My Soul

The Shoreline In A Blue Indigo Sky

Bringing The Celestial Songs To My Heart

In A Very Peaceful Sound

All Turns To Light And Blue Waves

One After Another

Crashing Softly In My Breast

And Dwells Forever In My Universe

Songs That Bring So Much Love

Smells That Touch My Senses

In A Velvet Moonlight Night

Time To Listen To The Inner Soul

The Heart Of The World

Pearl Drops Full Of Tenderness

In A Night That I Let My Heart Talk

A Night Of Song And Dance

Around The Ocean Tides

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Jasmine is a lovely graphic design artist.

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You Broke My Heart and made Me Cry

A Memory from a Young Boys Heart

Welcome To My World


You broke my Heart

And made me cry

I cradled you in my arms

Was but a fleeting moment

In the eternal wanderings

Of my Heart

I held within my arms

A wonder of the Gods

Of all creation

I held within my arms

A Princess of the East

You gazed into my eyes

Wide eyed in wonderment

Almond eyes so deep and dark

Yet within I saw

The sparkle of pure Love

You were but a mere budding rose

Upon my heart

I fell in love with you

Oh how I ached to hold you

For all Eternity

I wanted your Love alone

To be mine

You stole my Heart

With that tiny smile

And the giggle on your lips

Reached into my very Soul

And as I held you

Ever so tenderly

Within my arms

I pondered on your life

Would you become

Some ones wife


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