The Birdsville Track

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The Birdsville Track


In Days Of Long Ago

In The Harsh Dry Outback

On A Bush Trail

Of Dry Red Earth

Known As

The Birdsville Track

The Sun Beat Down


The Harshness Of Her Fiery Orb

Blazed Her Heat

On All And Sundry

No Sign Of Rain

No Sign Of Water

Only The Mirage

Of False Hope


In The Vast Horizon

Of The Lonely

Desert Outback

Along This Desolate

Dry Birdsville Track

An Ill Equipped Car

Of Ill Repair

Wended Its Way

Into A Future

Of Hopes And Dreams

On Board A Cargo

Of Love

A Solitary Mother

And Her Children

Of Three

Alone She Despaired

The Sun Bore Down

Upon The Car

The Car Was Hot

With Little Water

The Car

Finally Came To A Stop

The Cries For Relief

From The Harsh Desert Sun

Could Be Heard On The Winds

As Cried

By The Little…

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Once Upon A Time In A Fairy Tale

For A Moment In Time

You Came Into My Life

And Into My Heart

And Now

You Return

Yet You Are But A Dream

Love Is But A Dream

To Wander For All Eternity

In The Mirrors

Of My Mind And Fantasy’s

How Can My Heart

Be So Lost

In The World Of Love

I Love You With A Passion

With A Heart That Cries

For Love

My Heart Is In A Whirl

My Mind Is In Turmoil

Your Eyes Sparkle

While Mine

Are Moist With Tears

Of Happiness

When I See The Love

Within Your Eyes

When I See True Love

My Heart Aches

For The Oneness

Of Our Soul

I Love Your Smile

And The Laughter

In Your Twinkling Eyes

The Song Of Love

Within Your Beating Heart

And Upon Your Lips

I Hear

The Words

Of Eternal Love

I Taste

The Tender Kiss

Of An Angel

I Yearn For The Feel

Of Your Arms In Mine

I Love You

And In My Dreams

I Awake In Silence

And Look Upon The One

I Lay Beside

And Watch The Gentle Breath

From Lips


With The Oneness

Of Our Love

I See The Rise And Fall

Of Tender Breasts

Still Firm In Contentment

Of Our Waning Passions

I See The Gentle Stirrings

Of An Angel

In The Morn

I Am In Love

With An Angel

I Love You

Once Upon A Dream

I Held You

In My Arms

And Once Again

Love Returns

To Torment

My Aching Heart

I See You

In My Waking Hours

I See You

In My Dreams

I Hold You Close

To My Heart

I Love An Angel

You Touched Upon

My Darkened Heart

One Night

And Left Your Love

Upon My Heart

For One Moment

A Passing Star

A Passing Angel

Gave Me Her Love

I Am In Love with An Angel

I Am In Love With You


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My Pearl

He Was Nine

She Was Ten

They Held Hands

Way Back Then

Times Did Come

And Times Did Pass

And Now Once Again

In Your Sleep

I Hold Your Hand Again

As In Our Childhood Past

Our Love Has Crossed

Many Lives

Many Waves On Foreign Shores

My Wave Would Break

You Followed Me

And Broke Your Waters

On My Shore

Two Waves Crashed

Lost In The Sands Of Time

An Hourglass

And Both Our Waves

Tore Us Asunder

The Roaring Of The Waves

As I Stood Upon The Shore

Those Foamy Waves

Where Our Cry Of Love

From Oceans Deep

My Wave Ebbed

Back Into The Depths

Of My Past

You Followed My Heart

Two Waves On Alien Shores

I Was Nine

And You Were Ten

Remember When

We Held Hands Back Then

Why Does My Aged Mind

Bring ghosts

Ghosts From My Past

Crushing Waves

Crushing Lips

Do I Love You

Yes And Always Will

You Have No Name

But Still Our love Is Real

Your Gentle Touch

Your Lips On Mine

Your Beauty Stirs My Mind

Memories Of Other Times

Other Lives

Naive And Beautiful

You Were Mine

You Were Ten

And I Was Nine

I Was The Diver

From Above

You The Tiny Mermaid

From The Deep

I Dived The Oceans Depths

For You My Childhood Dream

I Dive For Treasures

While You Sleep

And Now On Sands

Of Alien Shores

A Boy Of Nine

A Diver From The Deep

Places A Circle Of Pearls

Around The Neck

Of A Girl So Sweet

A Girl Of Ten

When I Was Nine

The Memory Of A Young Boys Love

The World Is Yours

I Am The Oyster

You Are The Pearl

You Are Mine

In A Little Boys Memory

In An old man’s mind


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Celtic Shores

On Cliff Tops High

Alone I Sit

And Let My Mind

Roam Free

I Gaze Across The Crashing Waves

And Peer Beyond The Setting Sun

I See Into The Ancient Times

And See Unto Distant Shores

I Look For She

Who Once Was Me

My Mind Wanders And Fades

Into The Distant Past

My Eyes Began To Mist

Was Then

I Felt Within My Hand

The Soft Gentle Grasp

Of A Young Girl

I Felt The Grasp

Of She Who Was Me

With Tears In My Eyes

I Gazed Upon The Girl

Of My Heart

The Girl From Lives

Of Long Ago

Hidden Beneath The Setting Sun

Two Lovers Sat

On A Cliff Top High

Our Lives Are Revolving

Our Souls Are Evolving

Yet Nothing Has Changed

Our Love Is Still True

Our Love Is As One

Alone I Sit

On A Cliff Top High

And In The Pale Blue Eyes

Of Aged Eyes

And Dying Heart

I See You Dance

Within My Mind

And In My Dreams

You Hold My Love

Eternally Within Your Heart

And Now On Celtic Shores

Two Young Lovers Sit

On A Cliff Top High

As We Release Our Dreams

Our Souls Are Free To Roam

And Soar On High

To Soar Into The Distant Past

Back Into The Birth Of Life

When One Soul Became

First Split

On Distant Lands

Two Grains Of Sand

Are Washed On Earths Same Shores

A Collision Of Souls

And Now An Old Man

On A Cliff Top High

Gazes Across The Crashing Waves

Far Beyond The Oceans Deep

I Look Upon A Girl

Who Is Within My Heart

I Am Your Lover

The One Behind

Your Midnight Eyes

I Stir The Flow Of Juice

Within Your Female Soul

I Am The One

Who Hears Your Sighs

And Rises To Your Moans

I Am Your Love

You Are My Eternal Heart

Let My Lips Linger

On An Angels Lips

And Feel The Stillness

Of Silent Words

Of Love

Kiss Me Deep My Darling

Taste My Very Soul

Let My Body Shake

And Tremble

In The Passion

Of Our Youth

Let Me

Feel Free To Roam

And Linger

Between Your Tender Thighs

And Feel The Warmth

Of Your Female Love

To Taste The Nectar’s

Of One Soul

The Chalice That Was Forbidden

The Chalice Of Our Birthright

For Within That Cup

The Cup Of Life

We Were Born As One

And Now In Eons Past

I Seek For You

I Seek For Me

Upon A Celtic Cliff Top High

An Old Man Trembles


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Cooling Waters Of Love

She Knows And Comes To Him

From Her Faraway Land

Calming His Hot Burning Brow

With Soft Cooling Breaths

Of Love

From Her Oceans Depth

Her Passions Astir

Her Body Trembles

In Earths Embrace

As She Releases Her Love

In Waves

Upon Earths Shore

Together Between

Earth And Sky

They Tenderly Embrace

Souls As One

Hearts Beating In

Unbridled Loves Desire


High Above The Waves

She Holds Him In Her Wings

Drawing Him To Her

Cooling Ocean Waters

Desires Overpowering

In Spiritual Love

Together In Harmony

United As One

Earths Desires Of Release Spent

In Ocean Spirits Calmness

Soothing Troubled Waters

Of His Soul


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Eternal Tides Of My Heart

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As A Leaf Upon The Rivers

Of The Universe

Drifting On The Waters

Of The Heavens

Eternal Flow

A Soul With No Purpose

Floating With The Tides

Of Eternal Change

Forever Changing Course

As Heavens Seasons


In Time And Space

Buffered By Emotions

Feeling The Surge

Of Eternal Love

Eternal Life


Forcing A Spirit

To Continue A Journey

Of Discovery

To Reach The Backwaters

Of The Cosmos

Eternal Seas

Floating In Tranquility

Lingering On The Waves

Of Peace And Love

Enjoying Eternal Crests

Eternal Highs

Of The Euphoria

Of Love

Sinking To The Depths

Of Despair

Rising To The Heights

Of Hopes And Dreams

A Leaf Upon The Flowing Waters

Of Eternal Life

Searching For Love

Searching For Purpose

Seeking She With Love


Within Her Soul

I Seek You My Darling

For Love Can Only

Be Complete

When Two Hearts

Are As One


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It Tolls For Me

I Linger

Between The Lands

Of The Living

And The Dead

The Lands Where The Old

Meets The New

The Very Beginning

Of The Past

And The Ending

Of The New

On The Brink Of The Oceans

Of Eternity

To Explore The Realms

Of Other

Yet Unexplored Dreams

To Reach Into The Very Core

Of My Being

And Grasp The Birth

And Truth

And My Meaning

I Float As The Wind

Beneath The Wings

Of Angels

And Form The Cries

On New Born Lips

And Tears

In Lovers Eyes

Fear Not Me

In Your Thoughts

And In Your Dreams

For I Am

The Very Soul

Of Your Existence

And Your Being

Don’t Ask

For Whom The Bell Tolls

My Friend

For It Tolls For You

And It Tolls For Me

Fear Not Me

Within Thyself

For I Am Me

I Am My Own

True Self

For The Bell Tolls

For You

And The Bell Tolls

For Me

Destined To Float

The Winds Of Time

For All

Of Eternity


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