Il Silenzio—Melissa Venema

Good evening My Friends

I would like to share with you, one of my favorite video clips.

It is taken from one of the World’s Great Renowned Conductors concert.

The Great Andre Rieu.

His Guest is a young Trumpeter of extraordinary talent.

May her playing give you Joy

And her music bring Love, Peace and Serenity

Into your Hearts.


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Fruit of Life

Originally posted on Welcome To My World:

Fruit Of Life


 I Come To You

In The Secret Grotto

Of My Garden Of Eden

As The Gods Made You

Naked Of Emotion

Soul Bared


In Wild Abandon

Under The Gaze Of Heaven

I Explore The Orchard

Of Delight

I Taste From The

Tree Of Life

The Sweet Juice

Of The Ripest Fruit

Of Eternal Love

Forever To Roam

The Eternal Heavens

In Search

 For The Secret Grotto

In My Garden Of Eden

To Pluck

From The Tree Of Life

The Forbidden Fruit

Of Eternal Desire

Your Love

My Darling

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Jasmine is a lovely graphic design artist.A visit to her site is an enjoyable experience



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Memory’s of a Lovers Lips

Once In a Lifetime

Back Beyond Memories

Lost In the Mists of Years

We Lived Before

We Laughed and Loved

I Reached Out For Your Hand

But You Took My Heart

I Saw Love Reflected

From Within Your Very Soul

In Hearts as One

We Carry Our Memories

And Our Dreams

When Together

Two Young Hearts

Crossed the Universe

 And Spaces

Of Infinite Love

Our Hearts Sparkling

Aglow With the Fire

Of Love and Happiness

We Played

Amongs’t The Planets

Moons and Stars

We Chased Each Others Soul


As Gentle As the Butterfly

From One Seconds Love

To Another

Our Hearts A Circle

No Beginning No End

We Explored Our Eternal Love

And Made Love

Beneath The Faerie Trees

Of The Cosmos

Lost Forever

In Each Other’s Eyes

Joined In the Union

Of Souls of Love


To Dance and Romance

The Heavens

For All Times

And Still We Search

The Eternal Skies and Heavens

For Each Others Memories

Of Our Love

From Forgotten Times

Of Long Ago

To Taste Again

The Kiss of the Gods

Of Love

The Ultimate Kiss

Of Eternal Love

To Once Again

Be Reborn

Upon Each Others Lips



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Dreams Of Love

In The Secret Dreams

Of Your Heart

You Draw Me Forth

In Search

Of Loves Delight

My Spirit Lover

From The Night

From The Shadows

Of The Darkest

Of Hurts And Pain

You Clasp Me

To Your Bosom

And In The Sacred Fantasy

Of Our Souls

We Explore The Erotic Heavens

Of Love And Romance


In An Urgency Of Passion

Our Kisses

Filled With Depths

Of Desire

Once Lost For Eons

In The Never Ending

Search For Fulfillment

Among The Heavens

Of The Universe

Two Spirits In Love

In The Secret World

Of Your Dreams

Where Your Love

Comes Alive

You Embrace Me

And Hold My Soul

In Your Hands

And My Love

Within Your Heart


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The Magic Of Love

Originally posted on Welcome To My World:

You touched my Soul

When I saw into your eyes

You touched my Heart

When I held you

In my trembling arms

Many moons ago

When Earth was newly formed

Amongs’t the mists

On distant hills

And distant shores

Our Hearts were born

I recall when once we strolled

Hand in hand

Through the mountains

And down through the fens

You were my Princess

As I took you in my arms

Lips of Love

Our passions aching

In lovers haste

We raced into that night

I loved you with a passion

then my Irish Colleen

Hair of golden curls

Dress of satin Emerald green

You came to me my Enya Moira

From the land of the Faeries

 I found my Irish Queen

Do you recall

That night so long ago

Beneath the Faeries first blue moon

We danced in a magical world

Through Dales and Dells

Amongs’t the fireflies


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Upon A Mountain High

Upon A Mountain High

A Candle Glows

It Flickers And Wavers

In A Hand Of Love

With Tears In Eyes

I Cherish Your Love

Within My Heart

Yes My Darling

You Have My Love

You Have My Heart

You Are In My Soul

In Times Now Lost

Yet Chronicled

In The Books Of Love

And Veiled

Behind The Memories

Of My Ageing Mind

I Loved You Then

As I Love You Now

You Don’t Know Me

Yet You Feel Me

I Speak Within Words

I Speak From My Soul

I Hear You

I Touch You

I Am In Your Dreams

For I Am That

For Which Makes Us Complete

I Am Love

The Love Within Your Eyes

The Love Within Your Heart

I See The Beauty

Through Your Eyes

Do I Love You

Yes My Darling

I Do Love You

I Loved You Then

And I Love You Now

Within My Dreams

Of My Lonely Nights

You Are Still The One

Who Has Never Changed

The Golden Smile

The Laughing Eyes

The Bubbling Laughter

Now Eons Pass

And Times Do Change

Yet You My Darling

Have Never Changed

You Are The Angel

From My Past

Within My Memories

Of An Aging Mind

Beneath The Pale

Blue Moons

I Hold The Girl

Within Me

For I Am Neither You

Nor You Are Neither Me

For We Are One

You Are The Angel

That Brings Tears

To My Eyes

And Makes Me Cry

For I Am The Love

Within You

I Love You My Darling

I Do

For I Love The True Feeling

Of Love

And You Are

True Love


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The Warrior Prince of Love

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Once upon a mountain high

A warrior Prince

Reached out his hands

To touch the sky

He begged the Gods

To send him love

The Gods of love

Heeded his cry

They walked the gardens of Heaven

And found the perfect love for him

They found a new born rose

So perfect for love

They sent the rose to earth

With love

The warrior Prince held the rose

in his battle scarred hands

And waited as it blossomed

And grew

Then through eyes of love

He found in his arms

An Angel from above

He found he was holding you

Now times have changed

Our love has evolved

To reach our final destiny

For mortal time we are together

And hold each other

In our arms again

Till mortal time is done

But Spiritual Souls

Will resurrect

To carry our love

To different planes

Love while we can my Darling

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