Long Before The Birth Of Time


Long Before The Birth Of Time

Long Before Mortal Love

Played Her Role

In Human Hearts

And Tormented Lovers Minds

You Felt The Breath

Of Loves First Kiss

A Time Long Ago

Two Lovers Held

Each Others Hearts

And Tasted Lovers Lips

A Soul Divided

At The Creation

Of Our Being

And With Lying Lips

Upon Your Breath

You Took My Love

And Let It Die

My Heart Was Broken

Torn Asunder

My Soul It Roared

In Heavens Thunder

I Took My Knife

And Did Not See

The Crying Eyes

Which Once Held Love

For This Heart Of Mine

I Heeded Not

Your Dying Words

The Words Of Love

You Cried To Me

I Killed The Love

Within My Heart

And Swore An Oath

An Eternal Vow

A Heart Of Brick

A Heart Of Stone

No More My Love

To Ever Roam

I Lay My Knife

Upon Your Breast

And Let Your Heart

Seek Eternal Rest

I Watched The Flow

Of Love So Red

And Felt The Draining

From My Heart

And Upon Your Lying

Betraying Lips

I Heard The Gentle Sigh

Of Dying Love

I Heeded Not

Your Dying Words

And Now Again

Through Time Eternal

I Hold You Once Again

Within My Arms

And Cherish The Love

Within Your Heart

I Thrill To See

The Love Within Your Eyes

A Love Made By The Gods

Of Sapphos

And Now My Heart Rests

Your Soul Is Mine

I Love You

My Darling

The Division Of Hearts Over

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Many Lives Yet But One Love

Many Lives We Loved

And Many Lives We Lived

And Now Our Love Returns

For Was It Not Foretold

In Times Of Long Ago

Before The Rising Of The Suns

Before The Breath Of Life

Gave Birth To All The Lands

Buried Beneath The Darkness

Of The Heavens

And Hazy Mists Of Time Eternal

Our Love Was Forecast

Was Then Our Souls Danced

When First Were Born

To Life Of Long Ago

And Now The Forecast

Of Our Love Fulfils

And Once Again You Dance

Upon My Heart

Our Soul Is Young

The Truth Comes Forth

Within My Mind

In The Darkness

Of My Lonely Nights

I Once Again Hold You

The Girl Of My Eternal Dreams

I See Into Your Eyes

And Gaze Upon Your Heart

The Pureness Of Your Love

I Hear Your Words Of Love

Upon Your Lips

Your Smile Softens My Heart

And Brings Light Unto My Soul

The Pureness And The Bliss

Of Young Hearts

As In Mortal Love

Embrace Smile And Kiss

Can This Love Be True

Or Just A Dream

The Paradox Of Our Love

Has Spanned The Times

Of Many Lives

And Now

In This Our Life

Our Love Rebirths Again

To Close The Book

Of Eternal Love

For Now Our Love

As Ordained

In The Chronicles Of Time

Is Eternally Bound

For Our Love

At Last

Is Eternally Entwined

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Lips Of Love

I Loved And Lost

Yet Loved Again

The Flames Of Romance

Once Again

Dance Upon My Mind

And Stir The Songs

Within My Heart

In My Dreams

And Waking Hours

You Play In Images

Behind My Eyes

You Tease Me

In Your Eyes

And Your Voice

So Soft And Enticing

As The Voice Of The Sirens

Of The Seas

Forever Playing

The Luring Song Of Love

A Gentle Song

Of Romance

Your Voice Sings To Me

Luring Me Into Your Heart

You Stir The Passions

Of My Heated Dreams

I Absorb The Scent

Of Your Every Word

Bewitched In Your Song

And In My Mesmerised Mind

You Lure Me Into Yourarms

And Grasp Me

In The Warm Embrace

Of The Hearts

We Both Once Knew

I Taste Your Tender Lips

The Lips Of An Angel

So Rich And Full

As The Largest Ruby

You Hypnotise My Eyes

And Breathe Your Heated Breath

Upon My Lips

Lips Stained Forever

With The Kiss

Of Your Playground

Beneath The Briny Seas

Yet Still You Torment Me

In Your Eyes

Of Emerald Green

Eyes Speaking Of Oceans Desires

Of Erotic Love And Dreams

Yet Crying For The Kiss

Of My Eternal Love

Upon Your Soul

Come My Lover

From The Seas

Of Foreign Shores

Walk With Me

Upon The Sands

And Dance With Me

Beneath The Pale Moon Light

And Join With Me

In Love As On That Night

You Gave Your Love To Me

Give To Me Once Again

That Which I Seek

The Fruits

From Your Oceans Depths

Let Me Drink

The Sweetest Wines

From Your Goblet

Of Love

And Bathe In The Oceans

Of The Eternal Springs

That Flow

From Beneath Your Soul

And Smell The Scent

Within The Air

The Sweet Aroma

Of The Heated Passions

Of My Goddess

From The Deep

Cradle Me In The Womb

Of My Being

To Sleep Within The Existence

Of Your Soul

To Hear The Words

Upon Your Lips

And Hear In Your Siren Song

Those Tender Words

That Bring Tears

To Angels Eyes 

I Love You 

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I Am My Land

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I Am My Land

I Walk This Land

I Am The Spirit

Of My Land

I Feel The Red Earth Dust

Beneath My Feet

I Feel The Kiss

Of The Breeze

Softly Caressing My Face

I See Through Eyes

Of Wonderment

Visions Of Splendour

Of Earth Greatest Gifts

I See The Wings Of The Birds

As They Soar The Skies

I See The Soft Downy Clouds

Hovering In Anticipation

Of Relief In Their Thirst

For Rain

I See Trees

Reaching For Fulfilment

To The Heavens And Skies

My Soul Sees Wonders

And Splendours

Of Our Lands

My Soul Sees Your Gift

Oh Great Spirit

My Soul Sees You

In All Your Glory

I See You Bless My Land

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Dreams Within Words—For the Roma Girl

Words Of Love

Held Close Within A Heart

Confined To The Eternal Torment

Seeking Freedom Of Release

From A Soul In Confusion

Of Hearts And Minds Turmoil

The Touch Of Your Hand

Your Smile Of Acceptance

Of My Love Is All I Ask

To Feel You In My Soul

And Feel The Tempest Of Love

Raging In Your Beating Heart

Together To Walk

The Journey Of Life


Locked In Each Others Soul

Bound For All Times

By The Vows

Of Loves Bliss

Release Me My Soul

From This Eternal Damnation

Of A Heart Seeking Freedom

From Frustration Of Love

Take My Hand My Love

And Hold My Heart

And Free Me

From The Eternal Torment

Of A Love Confined Within

The Lines And Pages

Of My Poets Soul

Pages That Feel The Tears

Of Every Word Within

Love Is An Irresistible Ache

To Surrender

My Soul To You

Release Me

My Aching Soul

To Love Again

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The Reaching Heart Of Love

You Reached Across The Heavens

Far Beyond The Skies

Your Gentle Heart

Crossed The Waves And Waters

Of Oceans Running Deep

And In The Darkness

Of My Mind

In The Midnight Hour

Of Loneliness

You Touched

Upon My Heart

We Were Lovers

In Times Of Long Ago

And Now

Within Your Warm Embrace

I Feel The Stirrings

Of Forgotten Times

And Forgotten Places

When Once

Two Lovers Souls

Did Cross The Barriers

Of Eternal Spaces

And Now My Heart

Begins To Flutter

A Distant Memory

Within My Soul

Begins To Stir

And Within My Dreams

Of The Reality

Of The Unreal

My Heart Begins To Soar

On New Found Wings

Of Love

Leaving My Haven

Of Insecurity

Far Behind

Together Two Hearts

Find The Winds

Beneath The Clouds

And With Hands Outstretched

We Touch Each Others Soul

And In The Coolness

Of The Winds

On High

Our Beating Hearts

Are Set Free

The Cooling Winds

Soothing Our Memories

Of Distant Lives

And Distant Pasts

Now We Are Free

To Fly

Beneath The Suns

Warming Rays

Two Fragile Hearts

Soar The Skies

And Heavens

For Love Belongs To Us

My Darling

Love Belongs

To You And I

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Dream Lover

 photo dia92_zps30e9aef0.jpgAs You Sleep

Beneath The Wings

Of My Love

Into Your Very Soul

I Bring Happiness

And Love To Share

In Your Dreams

With Hearts As One

We Explore The Realms

Of Young Lovers Bliss

I Excite Your Soul

And Ignite The Flames

Of Passion

Within Your Beating Heart

With Soft Breaths

From Your Lovers Lips

I Embrace You

In Your Sleep This Night

I Caress Your Tender Brow

With Hot Moist Kisses

Of Delight

In Your Dreams

Your Heart Awakens

A Gentle Sigh

Escapes Your Lips

As With Passion

I Enter The Very Core

Of The Playground

Of Your Feminine Delight

In Your Sleep

All Through The Night

You Lay Beneath My Wings

Hearts Locked Together

Two Souls

Joined As One


Reaching The Passionate

Heights Found

In Lovers Dreams

As Dawn Awakes

I Take My Leave

And On Your Wakening

And In Your Heart

You Will Recall

This Night Of Bliss

The Night You Slept

Beneath My Wings

And Felt The Passion

Of This

Earth Spirits Kiss

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