To all the Girls I’ve Loved before—-A Duet

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Mambo Italiano with Sophia Loren

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Fruit Of Life

I Come To You

In The Secret Grotto

Of My Garden Of Eden

As The Gods Made You

Naked Of Emotion

Soul Bared


In Wild Abandon

Under The Gaze Of Heaven

I Explore The Orchard

Of Delight

I Taste From The

Tree Of Life

The Sweet Juice

Of The Ripest Fruit

Of Eternal Love

Forever To Roam

The Eternal Heavens

In Search

For The Secret Grotto

In My Garden Of Eden

To Pluck Again

From The Tree Of Life

The Forbidden Fruit

Of Eternal Desire

Your Love

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Luciano Pavarotti Tornu Surriento

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I Sleep In My Lovers Arms

Two Lovers Sleep

Wrapped In Each Other’s Arms

In Sleep So Deep

Late At Night

As Darkness Overcomes

My Lonely Heart

I Reach Out For You

You Are Not There

Yet I Lay Beside My Darling

Lost Between The Dreams

And Love

Slowly I Drift

Into My Secret World

Of Love

Eyes Slowly Close

In Happiness

Eyes Close In Contentment

Of My Heart

Its Then I Feel

Your Arm Across My Chest

And Feel Your Tender Lips

As You Kiss My Neck

And Down My Spine

You Cuddle Into Me

As I Shudder

I Don’t Want To Waken

I Am In My World Of Love

You Bestow A Lover’s Kiss

Upon My Neck

Lips Of Love That Speak

That’s When I Know

You Are Mine

I Awake In Dawns Early Light

I See You Lying

By My Side

I Recall Not Long Ago

When You Held Me In Your Arms

I Held You So Tight

We Crossed Our Legs

And Entered Paradise

You Swept Me Away

In The Fountain

Of Our Youth

Waves And Waves

We Rode The Waves That Night

You Never Stopped

And Now In Dreams

I Reach Across So Gently

And Through Your Breast

I Feel The Beating

Of A Heart Of Love

I Hold You Close

And Once Again


I Make Love

I Place My Lips Of Love

Upon Your Breast

In Sleep You Sigh

In Dreams I Hear The Words

That Breaks My Heart

You Say The Words

That Makes Me Cry

We Will Never Part

Alone In Dawns Early Light

I Wake

I Ride The Waves

And Taste The Sweetness

Of Lovers Kiss

My Pillow Is Wet

You Make Me Cry

For I Love You

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Flight Of Love

I Loved You

From The Very Start

You Found My Spirit

I Found Your Heart

Across The Ages Of Time

You Came To Me

From Faraway Days

From Dreamtime

Now We Soar The

Spirit Skies

You Found Me

As I Soared Earths Bounds

While You Rode

The Crests And Waves

Together Now We Fly

Souls United As One

Soaring With The Wind

Beneath Our Wings

We Dance Beneath The Clouds

Adrift With The Winds

I Take You To Greater Heights

Your Wings Outstretched

In Passionate Flight

I Follow Every Movement

Of Your Graceful Being

We Soar No Higher

Your Wings Are Tired

You Rest On The Cool Breeze

Exhaustion Overtaking

Your Slender Frame

I Hold Your Hand

Softly The Tremors

From Your Flight


I Kiss My Spirits

Closing Eyes

My Love For You

To Be Cherished

My Love To Keep

Rest Your Weary Heart

My Darling

And Let Your Soul Sleep

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I Loved You With A Passion

I Loved You With A Passion

And Surrendered My Heart

I Was Lost In A World

Of Romantic Love

We Loved And Laughed

Over Eons Of Times

And Lives Once Lived

You Danced Into My Heart

And Wrapped My Soul

In Your Melody Of Love

You Sprinkled Stardust

On My Mind

And Enchanted Me

With Heartfelt Words

Of A Love Sublime

I Built A Pedestal So High

It Reached The Heavens

And Broached All Skies

In Adoration

I Placed You There

I Found The Completeness

Of My Soul

Our Hearts Were Joined

Our Souls Were One

Yet Eternal Love

In A Mortals Mind

Is But A Mere Wisp

Of Time

The Blinking Of An Eye

A Soft Sigh

From Lovers Lips

The First Taste

Of Young Lovers Kiss

And Yet You Burnt My Heart

With The Fire Within Your Eyes

Your Love

Was From The Fires Of Hell

That Burnt My Very Soul

And Now I Wander

Now I Roam

My Heart Is Burnt

My Soul

Has No Home

Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Soul

For The Heart And Soul

That Once Held Love

Is Now Forever Dead

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