Dreams Within Words—For the Roma Girl

Words Of Love

Held Close Within A Heart

Confined To The Eternal Torment

Seeking Freedom Of Release

From A Soul In Confusion

Of Hearts And Minds Turmoil

The Touch Of Your Hand

Your Smile Of Acceptance

Of My Love Is All I Ask

To Feel You In My Soul

And Feel The Tempest Of Love

Raging In Your Beating Heart

Together To Walk

The Journey Of Life


Locked In Each Others Soul

Bound For All Times

By The Vows

Of Loves Bliss

Release Me My Soul

From This Eternal Damnation

Of A Heart Seeking Freedom

From Frustration Of Love

Take My Hand My Love

And Hold My Heart

And Free Me

From The Eternal Torment

Of A Love Confined Within

The Lines And Pages

Of My Poets Soul

Pages That Feel The Tears

Of Every Word Within

Love Is An Irresistible Ache

To Surrender

My Soul To You

Release Me

My Aching Soul

To Love Again

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The Reaching Heart Of Love

You Reached Across The Heavens

Far Beyond The Skies

Your Gentle Heart

Crossed The Waves And Waters

Of Oceans Running Deep

And In The Darkness

Of My Mind

In The Midnight Hour

Of Loneliness

You Touched

Upon My Heart

We Were Lovers

In Times Of Long Ago

And Now

Within Your Warm Embrace

I Feel The Stirrings

Of Forgotten Times

And Forgotten Places

When Once

Two Lovers Souls

Did Cross The Barriers

Of Eternal Spaces

And Now My Heart

Begins To Flutter

A Distant Memory

Within My Soul

Begins To Stir

And Within My Dreams

Of The Reality

Of The Unreal

My Heart Begins To Soar

On New Found Wings

Of Love

Leaving My Haven

Of Insecurity

Far Behind

Together Two Hearts

Find The Winds

Beneath The Clouds

And With Hands Outstretched

We Touch Each Others Soul

And In The Coolness

Of The Winds

On High

Our Beating Hearts

Are Set Free

The Cooling Winds

Soothing Our Memories

Of Distant Lives

And Distant Pasts

Now We Are Free

To Fly

Beneath The Suns

Warming Rays

Two Fragile Hearts

Soar The Skies

And Heavens

For Love Belongs To Us

My Darling

Love Belongs

To You And I

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Dream Lover

 photo dia92_zps30e9aef0.jpgAs You Sleep

Beneath The Wings

Of My Love

Into Your Very Soul

I Bring Happiness

And Love To Share

In Your Dreams

With Hearts As One

We Explore The Realms

Of Young Lovers Bliss

I Excite Your Soul

And Ignite The Flames

Of Passion

Within Your Beating Heart

With Soft Breaths

From Your Lovers Lips

I Embrace You

In Your Sleep This Night

I Caress Your Tender Brow

With Hot Moist Kisses

Of Delight

In Your Dreams

Your Heart Awakens

A Gentle Sigh

Escapes Your Lips

As With Passion

I Enter The Very Core

Of The Playground

Of Your Feminine Delight

In Your Sleep

All Through The Night

You Lay Beneath My Wings

Hearts Locked Together

Two Souls

Joined As One


Reaching The Passionate

Heights Found

In Lovers Dreams

As Dawn Awakes

I Take My Leave

And On Your Wakening

And In Your Heart

You Will Recall

This Night Of Bliss

The Night You Slept

Beneath My Wings

And Felt The Passion

Of This

Earth Spirits Kiss

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Childhood Dreams Of Make Believe

I Am Not There

To Hold Your Hand

Or Wrap You In My Arms At Night

But At Night I Lay Awake

And Watch The Stars

In The Darkness

Beneath The Canopy

Of The Heavens

They Sparkle And Shine

In A Little Boys Eyes

Till Exhaustion Takes My Eyes

And Then I Drift

Into A Fairyland Of Dreams

A Land Where I Am Not Alone

A Land Where I Am Loved

Yet In This Fairyland Of Love

A Little Boy Still Runs

He Runs From Times And Spaces

Where Love Is Real

But Love Can Hurt

Through Boyish Eyes

He Looks Into His Dreams

And Looks At Love

Wanting To Love

Wanting Love

Through Aged Eyes Of Misty Blue

Still Scared Of Love Like A Puppy

Who Has Been Hurt Before

A Little Scared Boy

Through Ancient Eyes

Looks At Love

Imagines Pleasures

Imagines Joy

Tingles Playing Up And Down

His Spine

Knowing He Is Yours

And You Are Mine

Tingles Of Pleasure

From Fingers To Toes

For His Love Must Follow

Wherever You Go

Boyish Dreams Are Dreams Of Love

Childhood Dreams

Should Never Be Crushed

Little Boys Need Love

Little Boys Need Dreams

Don’t See What I See

When I Cry

I May Be Frail

My Body Has Aged Over The Years

But My Rainbow Of Dreams

Is Also The Rainbow

Of Love

In A Young Boys Tears

The Rainbow Of Love

In An Old Mans Eyes

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Garden Of Dreams

Come Hold My Hand My Love

And Stroll With Me

In Our Garden Of Dreams

I Feel Your Tender Heart

Beating Upon My Finger Tips

As I Taste The Ripening Bud

Of An Angels Lips

In A Gentle Kiss

Filled With Love And Desire

And Taste The Scented Breath

Of New Born Dreams

And In Your Eyes

I See The Soul

Of Eternal Happiness

Shared In Lives Once In Times

Of Long Ago

When Two Souls Gaily Strolled

Between The Gardens

Of The Heavens

Holding Hands And Hearts

In The Ever Changing

Moments In Time

How Many Forgotten Times

Did We Play

In These Celestial Gardens

My Love

These Gardens Forever Blooming

In The Wild Flowers Of Love

Amidst The Sweet Aroma

Of Two Souls In Love

Two Souls To Forever

Stroll The Gardens

Of Eternal Love

Come Hold My Hand

My Love

And Walk With Me

In Our Garden Of Dreams

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I Hold Your Heart My Darling

 photo dia92_zps30e9aef0.jpg

Like The Tinkling

Of A Thousand Tiny

Fairy Bells

I See The Love

Shining In Your Eyes

And Dancing

In Your Soft

Girlish Laughter

Your Eyes

So Soft And Deep


In Gentleness

Of Tender Love

And Sparkle

In The Moonbeams Glow

The Scent

From Your Hair

So Overwhelming

In The Simplicity

Of Its Feminine Aroma

And In Our Lovers


We Hold Each Other

In Tight Urgency

Lips Seeking

With A Passion

The Love

That Lies Within

Our Hearts

My Hands

Trace The Curves

Of Your Tender Back

And In Loves Embrace

I Feel Your Wants

And Needs

And Within My Soul

I Hear The Beating

Of Your Heart

Such A Gentle Heart

Breaking The Silence

Of The Warm Tropical

Night Air

I Am Filled With Love

For You

You Make My Heart Cry

In The Happiness

Of Our Love

My Eyes

Sparkle And Weep


Of A Love So Deep

Tearing My Soul Apart

Torn Apart

By The Sheer

Happiness And Love

For You

The Happiness

Of Our Love

And In My Arms

I Have That

Which Dreams

Are Made Of

I Hold An Angel

From Heaven

I Hold You

My Love

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Dreams Beneath A Chandelier Of Stars

In The Calmness

Of My Nights

I Drift In Silent Reverie

To Times Of Long Ago

When Seagulls Soared

The Waves Of Seven Seas

And Eagles Floated

Upon The Winds

Of Seven Skies

Before The Beginning

Of Time Eternal

And In My Silent Reverie

I Too Soar

The Heavens And Skies

Free To Float And Drift

Beneath The Clouds


On Ever Changing Winds

Over Lands Unknown

To Seek The Eternal Love

That I Yearn

To Quench This Tormenting

Within My Heart

And Quell The Passions

Within My Loins

Fill My Arms

As You Fill My Dreams

Hold Me In Your Arms

And Promise Me

That You Are Mine

For All Eternity

To Never Part

Let Me Hear

From Tender Lips

That I Am Yours

Promise Me The Kiss

Of Eternal Love

Within My Silent Reverie


With Burning Desires Of Love

You Fill My Arms

As You Fill My Dreams

I Yearn To Hold

Your Gentle Hand

And Hear You Promise

From Lips Of An Angel

The Words

Within Your Heart

And Engraved

Upon My Soul

Let Me Taste

The Scented Breath

Of Your Undying Love

Let Me Gaze

Into Those Dreamy Eyes

And Tell Me

What Do You See

Behind Those Dreamy Eyes

What Girlish Thoughts

Surround Your Mind

And Take You

To A Fairyland

Of Love

I Catch The Love

Within Your Laughter

And Upon Your Lips

I Hear The Songs

Of Childhood Romance

The Songs

Of Undying Love

My Vision Of Beauty

The Vision

Within My Dream

Soar With Me

In Love

Soar The Waves

Of Seven Seas

And Float With Me

Beneath The Seven Heavens

Float With Me

Into My Heart And Soul

For All Eternity

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